Saturday, October 22, 2005

Is this funny or just gross.


Intelligent Design

About this intelligence, Albert Einstein wrote in his book "The World As I See It" that the harmony of natural law "Reveals an intelligence of such superiority that, compared with it, all the systematic thinking and acting of human beings is an utterly insignificant reflection."

Friday, October 21, 2005

People should know this

Why are people touring the Gulf of Mexico during hurricane season? I mean, little risky don't you think?

Could we just do one more little role play you know it could go something like this:

"Hey hey Martha what do you say we take a little visit down to the Yucatan Peninsula and see if we can catch a little wind maybe. Whacha think, we might get lucky and get stuck in a third world country with no water or electricity? We could only hope huh? What a story we would have if we survive."

You know I am all for taking a few risks, but temping God? Nu-uh. Not this guy. I understand that the prices are lower during the hot season down there but ah, I thought going there was supposed to be relaxing and I sure could think of other less life endangering ways to get a thrill or two. Maybe parasailing or something. I hear that is a riot. But you know. If you gotta go there it's your life. Never know you could have quite a tale to tell. Never know.

I have another complaint about customers


God in heaven twice this week customers got so helpful that they got in the way. For the sake of Jesus get about 10 feet away from me and stay there. @#$% what if I should get bit by the ol buzz juice, which happens from time to time, aren't you risking your selves as well? GEES!

You weren,t helping me you were hindering me.
And for God's sake don't point at a part in the electrical box when it's hot! DUMB DUMB DUMB. That's 240+ volts your about to touch.

I can just see it now. BZZZZAP, gee sir I thought the worm went out of style about 20 years ago. SIR? You just bit your toung-ewww look at the blood. Or: huh where did the tip of your finger go sir? Are you barbecuing for dinner cause I smell meat burning?
Or: get a load of the Einstein hair.
Or: Do you know how funny you looked hitting yourself in the face jerking back like that? MWhahahaha.
Or: Guy must have a booger on his finger he can't get off the way he's shakin it around.
Or: What was that yell?
Or: Bllump! Sir are you alright, Sir? Sir?

Get the picture. Part of my job training included how to handle hazardous materials and just plain old hazards which include some of the worst that there are. Electricity and phosgene gas both of which can kill in moments come to mind. Oh you say you don't know what phosgene gas is? I'm sorry. Think 'Mustard Gas'. You know the stuff they used in WWI to kill with. Yup that's right I got to worry about that too. I ain't got time to deal with the really helpful customers, I GOT OTHER THINGS TO WORRY ABOUT, you know what I mean?

Just to recap this little ditty.
Don't be idiots and:


Thursday, October 20, 2005


Very lovely.

Veteran's day cancelled

This come's very close to me saying (deleted). This time the peaceniks have gone too far. I get this info via Samantha Burns to Michelle Malkin. I can't believe that the over sensitive peace mongers would be so insensitive as to pester wounded GI's at the hospital. The rest of it will inflame you as well.

The war protestors are interferring with the physical and mental health of the patients by creating a negative enviroment not conducive to healing, and that means the Government can make the idiots go away.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Intelligent Design

I have an argument for ID which was inspired by the debate over at HAC's place and I decided that I want to put it here as well. (scroll down to see the rest of this article)

Hey HAC. I believe in ID as well. And Chinga tu is right. ID is not verifiable or is it. E=mc2. A black hole, http://STARSPLASH/2005/08/dark-matter.html in this little article I ask one question which I have never in 20-30 years of reading everything I can get my hands on heard posed. Where is all this extra energy going? It cannot be in this Universe. I hate it when other people use the terminology "another dimension", but you answer that one and you may see mankind on the path to exploring this Galaxy and maybe the Universe.

How does this relate to Intelligent design? Einstein was interested in light. And in this one simple equation men have been brought to the point where we literally have our destiny in our own hands, but we can't seem to get beyond this little fence. Shall we be able to continue on or destroy ourselves? My point here is there is a structure and order so complex that we are yet to describe. In fact we are as far away from definition today as Newton was away from understanding that it wasn't velocity he was looking for but the absolute speed of light in his equasion, yet it was the step up in knowledge that Einstein needed for his layer of discoveries just as Einstein's were for the scientists of today's. The fact must be that there is another 'argh'place, "dimension", parallel,not coexistent but close enough and big enough to absorb all the infinite mass thrown at it from the black holes in this universe. What we call it or what you call it may or may not be important. As for me it is the place where an intelligent designer is and I for lack of a name will call him God. He is that he is. As far as I am concerned forever eternal and infinite as we are finite.

Why should we consider this in a debate over ID? We have learned to break matter down into energy but we haven,t learned to take energy and make matter yet. Energy is free from the constraints of this universe. Quantifiable but not described. Identified but not by feel or lack of it, not caught, captured, recorded, packaged and reproduced at a whim. Held in your hands but not. It is....We know it is...Can measure it or it's results but only know that it is there and we can practicaly utilize it in our quaint rudimentary way. Same thing with gravity.

Hac is right and I will surmise it my way. Evolution is a guess and not a practicality. Amusing at most for the time being but worth blood shed? I think not. It has boiled down to proud pompous men debating a scientific theory using only philosophy. Very amusing.

Intelligent design includes the very forces that rule our universe. Evolution does not. Evolution assumes they existed prior to the creation of this universe but E=mc2 says different.

BTW if your wondering, I think that "Dark matter" is not right. I think they should be looking for an as yet unknown force rather than mass.

Power Surges

I used to wonder about power surges having never seen one. Now I know. The other day I was at a customers house and while I had my meter hooked up caught a sustained 450 volts. Woah! Normal voltage around here used to be 242v. I now understand why electrical appliances(including A/C equipment burns up).

Don't blame the electric coop I guess, but I am truly curious.

Wisdom for now

"It could be said"

The four most dangerous words in the English language. From these come a crock full of intellectual lies.

What?! What do you want from me?

Once uttered makes you a fisher and what you catch you may not be able to throw back.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

I am stunned

I know that the Muslims are killing people every day but to see all the incidents listed at once.........Look at this.


The Evangilical Outpost


This is the kind of new word generation I was talking about here.

By the way this is not a bad article from Entrepreneurship

His definition for combinatorial is to take ideas from several sorces and combine them to make something new.

Didn't I say this a few months ago?

From my desk calendar at work:There are known knowns. There are things we know that we know.
There are known unknowns. That is to say, there are things that we know we don't know.
But there are also unknown unknowns. There are things we don't know that we don't know.

Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, trying to clarify the war on terrorism, during a Pentagon briefing.
posted by Laurie Kay Ransonette Anderson at 10/17/2005 07:01:00 PM

Sunday, October 16, 2005


Samantha Burns has located the inventor of the last century and the new one.. This individual has created a device that is simply a must have.......Dog Condoms. YEP. That's right folks I said Dog Condoms. What will they dream up next?

I tell you, you must go and read about this extraodinary new device. And with out further ado. Link.

The end of times by the Bible

This entry needs polishing so bear with me I just want to get this in here. I'll clean it up as the day goes along. Probably add more commentary. I know that when I put the time and effort into it I have as good an ability to express in words any idea; I so chose, as any one else and I think this one deserves my very best effort. To those that think it is nutty and controversial??? I guess....... The idea of free will is for you to decide for yourselves.

Mat 24:3 And as he sat upon the mount of Olives, the disciples came unto him privately, saying, Tell us, when shall these things be? And what shall be the sign of thy coming, and of the end of the world?

Mat 24:7 For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places.

Mat 24:32 Now learn a parable of the fig tree; When his branch is yet tender, and putteth forth leaves, ye know that summer is nigh

Mat 24:32 Now learn a parable of the fig tree; When his branch is yet tender, and putteth forth leaves, ye know that summer is nigh:

Mat 24:34 Verily I say unto you, This generation shall not pass, till all these things be fulfilled.

What generation is this which Jesus is talking about?

This Generation is the generation which is marked by the budding of the fig tree and is the time marker for the end time prophecies which includes the precursors in the visions of Daniel, book of Daniel.

From (a presumed derivative of) G1085; a generation; by implication an age (the period or the persons): - age, generation, nation, time.

When does this generation begin?

Although I have an angst against Biblical Scholars this is one area in which I totally agree with them. That this generation began no later than the day that Israel was accepted and declared a nation again in 1947.
When does this generation end?

From G3844 and G2064; to come near or aside, that is, to approach (arrive), go by (or away), (figuratively) perish or neglect, (causatively) avert: - come (forth), go, pass (away, by, over), past, transgress.

What I am talking about here is not the exact date of Jesus return but the brackets around in which "all will be fulfilled up to the "millinial reign of Jesus. Not to be confused with Hitlers "Third Reich" BTW.

Now why do I say 2070 max time limit?

Biblically based on a life span limit given by God of 120 years.

Gen 6:3 And the LORD said, My spirit shall not always strive with man, for that he also is flesh: yet his days shall be a hundred and twenty years.
Add 120 to 1947 and you get 2067.

Why then do I use the figure 2070?

Maybe out of laziness or because I want to enter some debatability or for other human reasons such as there may be subtleties which could lend a fractional doubt to exactness otherwise know as fudge factors.

Up to my running around this nation for a time during 1997 talking to preachers and sending back channel messages and a few other various methods of delivering ideas it was commonly accepted that a generation was; as taught to us by our Preacher Rev. Keller probably deceased by now, but can be verified by Alan my brother, as 20 years, Jewish delineation, and brought out again in the book of Daniel.

Even though rumors and under currents of the final and terrible beasts existence in the 70's (believe me you would have had to of been there listening to peoples speculations. Craaaazy.) were just that and probably fueled the construction of the third beast (like unto a leopard book of Daniel).

However What Jesus was saying was "pass" as in dies.

I suppose the fudge factor could be adjusted to the average age of death today but again it does not appear to me that Jesus was talking in averages but absolutes. In other words was talking about the last man standing. I'll take the absolute given by God in genesis as the absolute Christ was talking about.

Therefore my argument here is not about the return of Jesus; which is a single and primary event of the final days prophesied, but time frame of the whole events of the final days of the era of men as currently experience by men today. (Ah. A mistaken redundent remark however since I want to make it perfectly clear I think I will leave it right here.)

Also I will consider it a lie to take what I am talking about as the final and cataclysmic end of earth. 'I am not'. Let me say this another way. It is a misnomer to assume I am talking about Armageddon as if it were the end of the world. It will be the end of the way men experience life but not the end of mankind or the end of the world. No one alive today will experience that event.........

These events experienced WILL be massively traumatic and a majority of mankind are going to lose their lives. In fact if I add up the numbers by the end of 7 years of tribulation there may be a couple of billion left .

Why do I speak of these events in terms of absolutes. Because I believe the Bible absolutely.

Believe it or not. Nuff said.

Jerry Falwell

Says "no one knows when the return of Jesus will be." True enough there Jerry but we have a couple of hints in the Bible of the time frame within which the return will fall.

Anywhere between now and 2070. Let it not be said that I say the exact date or the time or the hour. Here is the supporting article to which I peg my reasoning.

Ho....kay after a tedious search of my blog it appears that the article is GONE ......... hackers!!!! ,but that is okay I am going to rewrite this for the rest of you.

Back to liars

Omni has a very good little article on Liars

"So, could lying be a person's nature too, right down in the physical part of the brain, so that we'd have to cut them a great deal of slack to be fair, just as we would for someone with a so-called "mental illness"? The very thought galls me right down to my soul, because I have nothing but contempt for liars, and for those who persist in enabling and supporting their dishonesty, but... If it truly ends up that some liars are compelled to lie, yes, we're going to have to start taking a step back when we encounter liars and try to sort out if there's actually evil intent or not. My next thought was something like, "Then again, we've known for a long time that we should be understanding and accepting of the behavior of depressives, and they're still universally looked down on and spurned, so good luck to the liars," but the sad reality is that people already treat liars better than they do depressives, so there's no real comparison possible. {sigh}"

So if true then we should have some drugs that will suppress a persons desire to lie. HA! Yeah lets just drug them up so we don't have to put up with them. You know what else. What of the politicians who lie? They got white brains including the politically active such as.....Hmmm? I know! Louis Ferrikahn! Ha: the guy espouses black ideals so much you would swear this black man wanted black blood. I wonder if I am the same blood type as he, if so would he reject my blood if he ever needed it? Probably. I guess that makes him "prejudiced".

Too bad a scan would show that he has more white in his brain than he realized. Now what's he gonna do about that. Maybe he will go get an operation to get rid of the offending white matter. (A laugh smothered to a very humorous feeling inside). We could only hope.