Thursday, June 10, 2004


My brother and I are currently debating selfishness versus selflessness.

My comment on the matter today is small.

Mother Teresa has set a modern day bar concerning what I mean about the last act of selfishness that man truly gets if he wants to go to heaven(selfish), You must give yourself to Jesus(selfless).

Mother Teresa dedicated her life to the poor and helpless by going to the poorest places and bringing food shelter and clothing to orphans. She did this out of love of God and the desire one gets when one truly loves someone else (God) and that is tries to do what the one you love wants you to do.

Jesus returned to her a blessing that everyone recognizes and crosses all boundaries, races, and religions and no one can deny or criticize.

If I could do such a work as her and many of the other Saints then I would be equally as blessed and so would anyone else.

A parable from Ronald Reagan

You work to earn a living, but a mans living is determined by his giving.

Not an exact quote but finding these things on the internet could make me go blind.

Millions and millions of sites

Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Top 25 Tax-Friendliest U.S. Cities

Keeping more of your paycheck is almost every taxpayer's goal. One easy way to do that is to live in the right city. Kiplinger's Personal Finance has figured out the most tax-friendly U.S. cities based on a family of four with a combined income of $90,000. The tax burden was computed based on income, property, personal property, sales, and gasoline taxes. And the No. 1 tax-friendly city? Cheyenne, Wyoming. One reason is that Wyoming has no state income tax

Top 10 tax-friendly cities:
1. Cheyenne, Wyoming
2. Houston, Texas
3. Jacksonville, Florida
4. Memphis, Tennessee
5. Sioux Falls, South Dakota
6. Las Vegas, Nevada
7. Manchester, New Hampshire
8. Anchorage, Alaska
9. Phoenix, Arizona
10. Seattle, Washington The best places to retire are the same cities to which people in their 40s and 50s are flocking now! Click to find out where they are. The rest of the list:
11. Fargo, North Dakota
12. Denver, Colorado
13. New Orleans, Louisiana
14. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
15. Boston, Massachusetts
16. Birmingham, Alabama
17. Albuquerque, New Mexico
18. Burlington, Vermont
19. Columbus, Ohio
20. Charleston, West Virginia
21. Boise, Idaho
22. Newark, New Jersey
23. Billings, Montana
24. Detroit, Michigan
25. Wichita, Kansas

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Tuesday, June 08, 2004


I beleive that much more geologic evidence abounds here on earth than scientists have been willing to admit concerning asteroids strikes.

Another thing I believe is that the Gulf of Mexico was created by one or two massive asteroids. The whole Gulf and surrounding land masses have all the outward appearences of a double crater. If I am right, the size of the asteroids may have been the plate buster that broke the one continental plate into the seven we have today. At any rate here is a little article about the Chesepeake Bay

Cool Find Deep in the Chesapeake Bay Geologists with the U.S. Geological Survey drilled deep into the Chesapeake Bay--2,700 feet to be exact. It cost $180,000 and took them more than two weeks, working around the clock. It was worth the effort. They have uncovered more signs of a space rock's impact some 35 million years ago, including jumbled, mixed bits of crystalline and melted rock that can be dated, as well as marine deposits, and brine, reports The Associated Press.

Cape Charles, Virginia on the Delmarva Peninsula is considered Ground Zero for the ancient asteroid or comet impact that formed the 56-mile-wide depression that is now the Chesapeake Bay. This latest drilling project is the first time geologists have explored the inner portion of the crater, which is shaped like an inverted sombrero. "We expected to see some pretty strange rocks because of the extreme pressure and temperatures that occurred," lead geologist Greg Gohn told AP. Now scientists are hoping to identify the space rock.

Geologists think the ancient asteroid was 2 miles wide and slammed into the Virginia coast at thousands of miles per hour--such a tremendous force that it depressed and fractured the bedrock. In that instant, billions of tons of ocean water simply vaporized. Debris spewed 30 miles high before raining back to Earth. Giant waves crashed into the land, dragging debris back into the newly formed crater and preserving it in nature's time capsule underneath a blanket of rock and sediment. The entire event, which created the largest crater in the United States, likely took just a few minutes.

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Sunday, June 06, 2004

Ronald Reagan,

The best President of the 20th century. The best modern day President and one of the best leaders the world has ever had.

I was safer and more free during his presidency than at any other time in my 45 years.

I will miss him sorely.

My favorite quotes are "I have faith in the American people", and "Mr. Gorbachev tear down this wall", which will be forever linked with the end of communism, not what that drunk Kennedy said.

Oranges and PMF,s

Amazing Health Benefit of Tangerines Orange and tangerine peels may be better than drugs for lowering cholesterol--with zero side effects. The magic ingredients that lower "bad" LDL cholesterol by as much as 32 to 40 percent--the same as expensive prescription medication--are compounds known as polymethoxylated flavones (PMFs), reports Science Daily of an international research study conducted in the United States and Canada. Best of all, supplements made from orange and tangerine peels have none of the potentially debilitating side effects of liver disease and muscle weakness so common with the popular cholesterol-lowering prescription drugs. The researchers from the U.S. Department of Agriculture and KGK Synergize, a Canadian nutraceutical company, isolated the PMF compounds from the orange and tangerine peels and gave them to hamsters with diet-induced high cholesterol. The hamsters' cholesterol was lowered as much as 40 percent. There was no effect on "good" HDL cholesterol. A long-term human study is currently in progress.

Why do PMFs lower cholesterol? The researchers suspect, based on early results in cell and animal studies, that it works by inhibiting the synthesis of cholesterol and triglycerides inside the liver. The study is the first to show that PMFs can lower cholesterol, the researchers say. "We believe that PMFs have the potential to rival and even beat the cholesterol-lowering effect of some prescription drugs, without the risk of side effects," Elzbieta Kurowska, Ph.D., lead investigator of the study and vice president of research at KGK Synergize in Ontario, Canada, told Science Daily.

PMFs are similar to other plant pigments found in citrus fruits and have been shown to protect against cancer, heart disease, and inflammation. Unfortunately, it would take about 20 or more cups of orange juice each day to lower cholesterol this way; however, KGK Synergize has recently developed a nutrition supplement containing PMFs with a form of vitamin E that seems to enhance the compounds' effect. It is marketed as a cholesterol-lowering agent under the trade name Sytrinol; the supplement recently became available in the United States. The research findings were published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, a peer-reviewed publication of the American Chemical Society, the world's largest scientific society.

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