Saturday, January 07, 2006

Dear Mob

This is the beast we fight today

Dan 7:6 After this I beheld, and lo another, like a leopard, which had upon the back of it four wings1611 of a fowl; the beast had also four heads; and dominion was given to it.

And this is the third Beasts destiny. Note that it says had it's life prolonged for a season, and then ends on a percieved question. Will you of the third beast be saved or will you be killed along with the fourth and upcoming beast? Not retorical 'Eh?' mob.

Dan 7:12 As concerning the rest of the beasts, they had their dominion taken away: yet their lives were prolonged for a season and time.

Friday, January 06, 2006

What is a cops most common and biggest mistake?

Making an early ass-u-mption and sticking with it.

What is their second mistake?

Believing the early ass-u-mptions of other cops.

What is their third biggest mistake?

Making revenge their motive for doing their job.

Their fourth mistake:

Never owning up to their mistakes.(lieing)


I don't fight fire with fire: I fight forest fires with fire otherwise I fight fire with water. Anthing else is an oxymoron. Police can never lie. read the next article.

Property Rights

Here in the State of Georgia they are pretty good about protecting property rights and have recently enacted a law similar to Colorado and Oklahoma in which if your are threatened on your property you may use deadly force to protect yourself.

However I have just this evening had a rather passive occurrence in the local Walmart parking lot in which as I was pulling out I had yet to turn on my head lights. A Warner Robins police officer pulled up and stopped in front of me and motioned of course I turned on my lights he nodded and went on.

I thought about it for a minute and realized that under no circumstance could he have done anything to me on account of in Georgia on any private property there is no such thing as a moving violation. But if Walmart had contracted with local law enforcement they could still do nothing. Even if Walmart insisted. And if it was allowed what the corporations and private property owners would be doing is giving up some of their rights. Which at this stage of the game would be tantamount to some of their power. Capitulating, which from history we know has never led to economic success. The exact opposite of why Walmart exists.

OK now lets look at this other senario. Unless I was driving wrecklessly and endangering otherpeoples lives(which since I had not even left the parking space I was not)of course the officer would only have to lie about it which in this day and age they do so pathologically and lately damn near every time I hear about another citizens interaction with law enforcement. LIEING IS OF THE DEVIL! That makes you who are supposed to represent all that is good and upright participators with all that is wicked, demonic, and evil. You can't even tell little white lies ever. And by the way the old eye for an eye AKA what comes around goes around. If you lie all the time then you will be lied to all the time or worse no-one will want anything to do with you and all the cries for public support will fall on deaf ears. That means why should you get a raise when you are participating with the worst of humanity. Terrorizing people will not get it for you either.

Let's take a recent interview I just had with an individual living and working in St Louis one day. This particular individual who has fallen victim to our child support system which has uneplicably decided to revoke the drivers license of individuals who fall behind in child support further hindering their ability to earn an income with which to pay with, this man was further hampered due to disability was riding as a passenger, a black woman an employee of his was driving (the man being white) when they were pulled over for a muffler which was not dragging but hanging low. No biggy except that it turns out that the woman also did not have a valid license. Now of course the man a passenger realizing that they were about to be walking began to call a friend for a ride. Another dubious mistake because he did not; naively so, realize that under the current circumstance he should have kept the probably trigger happy East St. Louis Cops informed by asking if it would be alright to call for a ride. Still no real biggy you would think. The black law man went ballistic with assumptions and then arrested and booked the poor guy charging him with obstruction of justice (a lie). I guess he thought the dude was a pimp or something after all what was this white guy doing with a black girl. Not only showing gross incompetence in interrogation a investigation and also lieing. This cop probably has been party to hundreds of false charges being brought against innocent people which pumps up his arrest and conviction record at the expense of common sense and what he really should have been about, protectiong the constitution by protecting peoples rights. He also doesn't seem to get the idea that he is the servant of the man he just freaked on. Yeah thats right the people that they enforce the law on are actually the masters of law enforcement personel. No not the mayor not the judges but the people whom the constitution was written to protect. Yes, Us the people of this here United States.

In short that guy is the thug he thinks he is facing only worse he has official arrest authority. Making him a bully which I totally detest and since he was lieing must be with the Devil.

Hell is not going to come down upon them, something far worse(to a demon) heaven is . Trust me in this, God will not spare anyone. Don't believe me, just read the Old Testament. God had the tendency to wipe out whole peoples. Whole states and whole countries. Men woman and children. In come cases even the animals. And you can believe me when I say, God is so much more thorough than men or even that damn worm Satin is. Just ask him.

Call this crazy or call this prophetic. St Louis you have 6 months to clean up your act starting with law enforcement. And I mean spotless squeaky clean and you have to keep it that a way until the meteor drops........

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Don't believe everything your heart tells you.

Eze 13:2 Son of man, prophesy against the prophets of Israel that prophesy, and say thou unto them that prophesy out of their own hearts, Hear ye the word of the LORD;
Eze 13:3 Thus saith the Lord GOD; Woe unto the foolish prophets, that follow their own spirit, and have seen nothing!

Your heart is very important as well as your feelings but they are not the be all end all of knowing what to do or the future. Mankind must also count.