Saturday, February 21, 2004


Isn't fair but God is fair. We men have been created in Gods image so we must be fair

God is love so we need to love.

God is good so we need to be good.

God is truthful so we need to be truthful,

God is Holy so we need to be holy,

God is righteous so we need to be righteous,

God is giving so we need to be giving,

God is our God so we need to humble ourselves before him.

Friday, February 20, 2004

I think it's time we admitt it. We don't have a government any more.
As soon as enough people figure it out the sooner somthing will happen(notice I used that word on purpose). Good or bad. I say bad.

The reason nothing good will happen. The honest people are already trying to protect themselves by looking the other way when evil shows up at thier door or work place.

I know that people think of evil like Hitler or Lenin, but it has a more common guise. That of passing rumors around that they have no clue whether or not are true. Renigging on work because thier lazy. By taking bribes subtley or plain cash. Sabotaging co-workers for the sake of vengence or because of the lies spread around.

When good honest hard working people do nothing when des-pite shows up, They are trying to save themselves. To me that's cowardice, and I despise cowards. So common people let's get crackin. I for one have never missed an opportunity to crack the devil over the head. You might say I enjoy giving him what he deserves. Because if we don't oppose evil vigoursly evil will consume our way of life.

All it takes is our mouths gettin big and making our point right up front.

Don't worry I don't intend to stop thumping him around.

Word for the day: Abyss means------------
Take heed to any and all whom read this. After many years of observation and much reading and watching the news, and talking with an estimated(conservative figure) 26,000 ordinary run of the mill people, the constitution no longer functions as the basis for our government.

In essence at this time the borders encompassing the region of the world we call the united states of america is in name only and this nation is no more.

Let me paint a prophetic vision for you. Our economic base deteriorates. . While the ranks of the poor and poverty stricken gradually increase the middle class dwindles, and the number of the rich falls off drastically. Food becomes increasingly difficult to acquire, crime rises as people desperately try to survive. Whole sale desturbances, riots- local and regional outbreaks of war and mini wars. Little despotic fiefdoms pop up, anti government and anti rich old establishment run amok hunting the ex- government personal and wealthy, slaughtering and killing any and all whom their crazed minds think is responsible. Gangs and thieves rob rape and pillage wherever they roam. Government buildings raided and burnt to the ground. Vigilante groups meeting out summary judgments on the spot with hangings and impromptu firing squads. I see a nation of failing crumbling roads, bridges blown and freeways torn up as states and regions try to isolate themselves. Cities turned into battle grounds. Skyscrapers dropped into moutaineous piles of rubble as newly made urchins scrabble about looking for anything they can.

Nato the united nations, and the european union completely hampered from interveaning by thier own lacadaisical do nothing attitude, and because the economic slide was so slow that the cost of mounting an invasion of the magnitude it would take to conquer the north american continent would bankrupt thier economies.

The world hanging in the balance of destruction all because a bunch of idiot judges descided to make up thier own laws irregaurdless of what the Constitution of the United States of America said or the American people wanted. NOT THIER JOB.

There is a way to avoid this nasty little scene. We could go back to the constitution which I personally cherish and and stick to it like glue. If we did we would save our nation and preserve the way of life we say we adore. If we don't------

Thursday, February 19, 2004


It all started at 5am. I was laying in bed barely awake and trying to go back to sleep. My wife Karen was up making coffee and taking the dog out for her morning walk when all of a sudden their arose such a clatter.... uh .... The dog went crazy and then my wife went crazy. And I was thinking - oh great wake up the neighborhood. Then my wife came in and says, "Ron, there's a possum in the garbage can". I said oh goody I get to pull the trigger at 5 o'clock in the morning(neighbors ya know). So I grabbed my 12 gage and slid out the door and what to my wondering eyes....uh....A possum sitting on my garbage hissing at me, with its beady eyes , pointy mouth and the purtiest pink toung you ever did see. I took aim and said; I sure hate to hole up my garbage can.


I didn't want to look.... So I didn't- thought I'd have my coffee first before I cleaned up the mess.OOOOOOeeeee my ears were ringin.

Well; after coffee I went out to admire my handy work. I was suprised, not too bad, the buck shot went in through just below the neck and out the other side and I didn't put one bee-bee through the garbage can. Possum didn' feel a thing.
Well I put on some gloves and picked up the thing by it's giant rat looking tail and deposited it in the dumpster.
When I got back in the house I unloaded my shotgun and doggone wouldn't you know it I had the rounds in backwards. I thought I used the cheaper #6 1/2 shot instead I used the no. 4. !@#%$. I like to keep the no. 4 buck for people. Well any way I thought it was a pretty good shot and all from 4 Ft..

Well it turns out I scared the snot out of the neighbors. But they were glad when they heard I got a possum on account of it was eatin their chickens.

Boy life is sure Full of adventure. Why I just don't know if I can stand it.

Word for the day: Intangible: I can't see it.

Wednesday, February 18, 2004

I am increasingly believing that the United States became a great country inspite of our government. However I am also beggining to believe that if the every day run of the mill citizens don't take the hardest line possible about being truthful then this nation will continue to slide the way of other previous great nations.
Cause what I see is nothin but a heap.

Tuesday, February 17, 2004

The greatest lesson

I love cat's. There easy to take care of independant and keep critters down (from mice, rats to cockroches). There's nothing like a kitty cat sittin on your lap purring away.

I especially like it when on a Sunday and I'm laying on the couch covered up with a cotton throw watching football and the kitty cat jumps up and lays on my right side purrin as hard as he can.

I like it because my cat loves me and I love him. My cat is better than me because my cat loves me inspite of my self. He does'nt care if I'm bad or good. As far as he's concerned I'm the greatest person he knows. It is not as though I haven't been mean to him a time or two or stepped on him by accident or chased him around the house with the vacuum cleaner thinking it was funny. And oh you should see how he likes gettin a flee bath. Ever try to give a cat a flee bath? Watch out! Thier claws are like razors.

I have come to better understand what true unconditional love is. It is the greatest lesson that I have ever learned and my cat helped me understand it more.

And yet as great as the love my kitty has for me I know that God's love for me is far greater.

If we could only fully appreciate God's love for us then we might find as mankind that besides genetically being related we are truly brothers and sisters.

1John 4:7@8

If people wanted to know why I know the difference between a Christian and a non-christian? It's because I can see the unconditional love in them.

God's Love.


Dork me still hasn't figured out links.
Guess who's cousins,

Bush and Kerry.

16th cousins 3x removed.

Published by Bruce and Kristine Harrison as told to AP.

I guess that means they can get married and have kids.


Ayn Clouter; as Beavus would say, "heh, heh, ya ya". (of Beavus and Butthead)

Monday, February 16, 2004

Definition of the day,

Loot envy: I won't ever get to loot a big cooperation so they should all go to jail.

Sunday, February 15, 2004

My word for the day. Ambiguous.. Means too much shade and not enough light.
Old whig has raised an interesting point

Jesus never really mentioned much about economics,

Yet there is no doubt that the greatest economic engine ever created on earth was accomplished in a nation that is predominatly christian(86%, Gallup pole). In raw numbers, thats 240 million out of 280 million people. That's us I mean the U.S..

What Jesus deals with is people , making them great people and knowing that those great people by God make a great nation.

So if we want to keep growing well we need to have a great big christian revival.