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Another article in toto

From AFR, link on side bar.

'Love Won Out' Offers Way Out for Those Entrapped by Homosexuality
By Allie MartinJune 10, 2005
(AgapePress) - A conference aimed at uncovering the truth about homosexuality takes place in Seattle later this month. Focus on Family is sponsoring its "Love Won Out" conference in the northwest metropolis on June 25.
Focus on the Family promotes the message that homosexuality is both preventable and treatable -- and maintains that such a message is "routinely silenced" these days. To overcome that obstacle, the Colorado Springs-based ministry sponsors one-day "Love Won Out" conferences at venues around the country that feature former homosexuals and other experts who tackle a wide variety of questions about the subject -- such as, Can homosexuality be prevented? Is it genetic? and What causes homosexuality?
Mike Haley is Director of the Homosexuality and Gender Department for FOTF's Public Policy Division. He says the conferences are always met with protest by homosexual activists.
"The other side hates the message that gays and lesbians can change, because it goes against the very foundation upon which their whole movement is established," Haley explains. "[They believe that] if you're born this way, then they should be allowed special and civil rights status -- and those things just aren't true."
Haley suggests that is one reason why homosexual activists dislike the message of the conferences. "[T]hey believe that what we're doing is that we're pointing the finger -- making some of the mistakes that the church has made in the past -- and we're not doing that at all," he confesses. "Indeed ... we're helping people to understand that this is a mission field that we need to reach for Christ."
Haley acknowledges that in the past, some in the body of Christ have done "very harmful" things in dealing with homosexuals. But many churches, he says, are finally dealing with the issue in a more constructive and loving way.
"Now we're coming and saying that, for those of us that were part of the gay and lesbian community, here's how better to reach us," he explains. "So what's been interesting is when gay and lesbian activists have come into the conference, one of the things they will say after the conference is, while they didn't agree with everything that was said, the tone in which it was said was very different than what they expected."
The site of the June 25 conference is Northshore Baptist Church in Seattle. Other "Love Won Out" conferences are scheduled for Birmingham, Alabama, in September, and Boston in October.
Allie Martin, a regular contributor to AgapePress, is a reporter for American Family Radio News, which can be heard online.
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I was over at the whigs site and he has and article from( I guess )our Cousin Kyle in which Kyle makes a strong appeal for one of the basic principles of our Nation. So basic in fact that it is our national mantra which I suppose I could expound on prolifically providing plenty of links to sites showing my proof that is virtually the by word in describing our national attitude. But that is not the focus of this particular diatribe.

For a moment I thought to copy this article to my site and then dissect it inserting "the art of compromise, " where ever there was the word politic or politics. I have since thought better of it and decided to let this be only a definition, with comments.

We use the word politics in coupling with just about everything we do these days and even if we don't use the word directly we imply it. For instance in rearing our families, handing out sentences to criminals, getting along with co-workers,personal relationships including marriage which I might add today 50% of them are crap.

Compromise is a good thing in it's proper place but frankly I hate that word because I have seen Politicians practice the art of conpromise to the extreme detriment of our nation.
I am quite sure that many of you could come up with areas where compromise is not in the best interest of anyone.

To cousin Kyle sorry about this but you would have to ask Al what's up with me. He has so stated in a blog about a year ago that indeed I was a scourge. I suppose it may be so but my intent is to see that people understand that when God says all things in moderation and everything has it's place and time, it really is a matter of paying close attention to what the words really mean and not the general use of today.

We have so blurred the use of our language that it has become difficult to make a statement of fact without the fear that someone will misunderstand what is said consequently getting into some potentially crazed debate with another equally fervrent individual when you both may actually believe in the identical cause.

As far as your article and it's intent to remind us of what freedom is and to encourage us to continue to embrace it I applaud. But the word Politics cannot enter into freedom. There is no compromising freedom for to compromise it is to compromise with not freedom so you end up with only half of what you started with. To me that is half slavery. I cannot and will not live a life in half slavery. I will fight to the death over this one.

Since when

Something about this makes me sad or irritated or angry- I am not sure even though it doesn't effect me. Something is not right about it. Well you judge and mabey I need some input as well.
The exerpt is from Aol news.

"The Werneckes have never said that they would deny medical treatment to their daughter if she was ill and getting worse," Horne told state juvenile court Judge Carl Lewis.
Lewis called off a custody hearing scheduled for next week unless the Werneckes could present compelling evidence that Katie was still in remission. Horne said the treatments were set for next week.
The judge said that the parents would be allowed to attend the treatments but that doctors would make the decisions.
"Early evidence indicates that given opportunity to abscond with the child, they did. And no way would I give them opportunity to do that again now," the judge said.

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

A article in toto from AFR link on side bar

TV Land's 'Happy Face' On Homosexuality Masks Tragic Lifestyle
By Ed Thomas and Jenni ParkerJune 8, 2005
(AgapePress) - A pro-family website is warning television audiences that TV Land, a cable network that advertises a schedule of well-known, classic, family-friendly television shows, is airing a special that promotes the homosexual agenda this month. A recent e-mail alert from notes that the show called "Inside TV Land: Tickled Pink," which celebrates homosexual undercurrents running through television history, is airing on TV Land throughout June.
TV Land is touting the "Tickled Pink" as the first program to look at how and why certain classic television shows "have hit the funny bone for generations of gay viewers." The show promises to celebrate a variety of TV shows and situation comedies that have commanded huge homosexual fan bases, and will "get the inside scoop from the talented people that created them."
Ed Vitagliano, a media researcher for the American Family Association, says although "Tickled Pink" does not promote the latest political issues of the pro-homosexual movement, the one-hour special does appear to have some disturbing objectives. One thing the show seems to do, he observes, is to hint that Hollywood has somehow "outsmarted" mainstream culture for decades by "sneaking" homosexual characters and motifs into television programs.
All this "underscores the fact that there really is an agenda in Hollywood amongst those who are homosexual," Vitagliano says. And its chief aim, he asserts, has apparently been "to kind of broach the subject [of homosexuality] to straight America in as subtle a way as possible with the hopes that they'll be more accepting of the political movement."
Upon watching "Tickled Pink," Vitagliano says it was "disturbing" to have Hollywood's homosexual agenda so solidly confirmed. "In some ways it was worse than I expected it to be," he notes, "because it really celebrated the fact that there were people in Hollywood who were trying to get a message across without the viewer really knowing it -- at least if they were straight."
In addition to focusing on actual "gay code" or subtext in some shows, Vitagliano says the TV Land special also examined how homosexuals watch many of the same shows popular with heterosexual viewers, yet interpret or experience them differently -- through a homosexual lens, so to speak. "Tickled Pink" suggests that popular shows such as "The Golden Girls," "Batman," or "Chips" that feature close same-sex friendships have often been viewed by homosexuals as affirmations of their lifestyles -- a fact the pro-family reviewer says he found sad.
"Even in TV shows that have nothing to do with homosexuality," Vitagliano notes, "apparently gays and lesbians have often latched onto any hint of a close relationship or spiritual intimacy between characters of the same sex and have read a homosexual subtext into it, desperate to find something -- anything -- that will give them a sense of normalcy." Or, in other cases, he adds, indications are that homosexuals often view shows about characters with supernatural powers and hidden abilities, such as "Bewitched" and "I Dream of Jeannie," and see characters who must keep secrets or lead hidden lives as somehow paralleling the "closeted" homosexual existence.
"I watched the show with a deep sense of sadness," Vitagliano notes. "It made me realize all the more how much Christians need to reach out to gays and lesbians, who are often extremely lonely people." Not that homosexuals are to be pitied, he adds, "any more than we are all to be pitied by God." But although many homosexuals may feel they are lacking intimacy and a sense of connection with people of their same sex, the AFA spokesman says, "What they really need is a relationship with Jesus."
While the pro-family media researcher found the revelations of "Tickled Pink" unsettling, he points out that many in the entertainment industry, including those interviewed for the show, appear to be pleased or even amused by the fact that Hollywood has managed to slip in pro-homosexual "subliminal messages" through its programming.
"The people on the show celebrated that -- they thought it was funny," Vitagliano says. Still, he insists, no matter how TV Land may try to "put a happy face" on homosexuality, that lonely lifestyle is obviously no laughing matter. According to, "Tickled Pink" will be shown repeatedly on TV Land's schedule all this month, airing at least nine times.

Another conundrum

The state of California has a law legalizing pot for medicinal purposes. The Supreme court has just confirmed the Federal Governments right to arrest and try violators of a federal law specifically forbidding the practice.

I guess that means that the State of California will not be helping nor even legally able to assist the Federal Government in the enforcement of Federall law.

I am wondering if your wondering or if you even care about what I would do if I were the State of California.

If the Feds want to do the investigating then by laws of California the State Government may not assist in any way.

That is what I would do.

As for the question of whether Marijuana is effective as a pain reliever, I don't know but I believe the conspiracy in this matter may lie with the drug manufactures who could lose billions of dollars from an easy to acquire natural substance.

Also this particular instance is making me rethink the idea of a currently illegal substance being legalized for prescription by DR's.

I have to say I don't know at this time, but several medical studies should be done to find out.

Also you should know that I will continue to treat strange chemicals that may or may not be perscribed with the same disdane. NIMBIICHI(Not in my body if I can help it)
Not to be confused with numb b___h which would mean paralized broad.

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My wife is now a bonafide Blogger

My wife actually has one more entry than you will find here howevershe lost here password Soooo, I recreated her blog for her and wrote her 2nd first blog. I will probably get into trouble.

You know men. Any way here is a link so all my loyal fans can go and lament with her on her poor choice of a husband and life mate. By the way the name of her Blog is Anxious. Hm I wonder why? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! She says I sound evil when I do that. HEH heh giggle. HAHAHAHAHA!

A new link

I haven't installed a new link on my side bar in a while but this guy is my kind of guy and just to start you out with a good article concerning our similar attitudes check this out. March 7th 2005 article, "I don’t consider myself a threat to anyone who minds their own business; all others, watch your butt."

Nuff said.

P.S. Al did the surfing to find this guy just so you won't think I was trying to credit steal from him or something.