Saturday, June 11, 2005

Since when

Something about this makes me sad or irritated or angry- I am not sure even though it doesn't effect me. Something is not right about it. Well you judge and mabey I need some input as well.
The exerpt is from Aol news.

"The Werneckes have never said that they would deny medical treatment to their daughter if she was ill and getting worse," Horne told state juvenile court Judge Carl Lewis.
Lewis called off a custody hearing scheduled for next week unless the Werneckes could present compelling evidence that Katie was still in remission. Horne said the treatments were set for next week.
The judge said that the parents would be allowed to attend the treatments but that doctors would make the decisions.
"Early evidence indicates that given opportunity to abscond with the child, they did. And no way would I give them opportunity to do that again now," the judge said.

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