Monday, April 26, 2004


What is it that I am redemed for.
Jesus came here for the purpose of redemption. To redeme me unto the father whom created me for the purpose of love. We as men have been seperated from our having sight of God which is not to say that God lost sight of us but that we lost sight of him. And like little children seperated from our mothers or parents our souls cry out to that which we lost. And we as men yearn to return to that place from which we come. Love. So it is as men that we strive with all our might to find our way back to that place of paradise. A place that can not be earned or stolen. Yet the route is oh so short. It is a simple door which if you find you can simply walk through.

Our purpose

We were created by God for a purpose. God created us out of love and for love for the purpose to love and be loved. No higher purpose can a man achieve than to love God and to live to serve God.

Sunday, April 25, 2004


No God, No purpose, No purpose, No Reason, No Reason, No Civilization, No Civilization, No Reason-to live.

Neck Surgery

I had neck surgery. Not my arm cut off. Knothead