Saturday, June 11, 2005


I was over at the whigs site and he has and article from( I guess )our Cousin Kyle in which Kyle makes a strong appeal for one of the basic principles of our Nation. So basic in fact that it is our national mantra which I suppose I could expound on prolifically providing plenty of links to sites showing my proof that is virtually the by word in describing our national attitude. But that is not the focus of this particular diatribe.

For a moment I thought to copy this article to my site and then dissect it inserting "the art of compromise, " where ever there was the word politic or politics. I have since thought better of it and decided to let this be only a definition, with comments.

We use the word politics in coupling with just about everything we do these days and even if we don't use the word directly we imply it. For instance in rearing our families, handing out sentences to criminals, getting along with co-workers,personal relationships including marriage which I might add today 50% of them are crap.

Compromise is a good thing in it's proper place but frankly I hate that word because I have seen Politicians practice the art of conpromise to the extreme detriment of our nation.
I am quite sure that many of you could come up with areas where compromise is not in the best interest of anyone.

To cousin Kyle sorry about this but you would have to ask Al what's up with me. He has so stated in a blog about a year ago that indeed I was a scourge. I suppose it may be so but my intent is to see that people understand that when God says all things in moderation and everything has it's place and time, it really is a matter of paying close attention to what the words really mean and not the general use of today.

We have so blurred the use of our language that it has become difficult to make a statement of fact without the fear that someone will misunderstand what is said consequently getting into some potentially crazed debate with another equally fervrent individual when you both may actually believe in the identical cause.

As far as your article and it's intent to remind us of what freedom is and to encourage us to continue to embrace it I applaud. But the word Politics cannot enter into freedom. There is no compromising freedom for to compromise it is to compromise with not freedom so you end up with only half of what you started with. To me that is half slavery. I cannot and will not live a life in half slavery. I will fight to the death over this one.

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