Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Top 25 Tax-Friendliest U.S. Cities

Keeping more of your paycheck is almost every taxpayer's goal. One easy way to do that is to live in the right city. Kiplinger's Personal Finance has figured out the most tax-friendly U.S. cities based on a family of four with a combined income of $90,000. The tax burden was computed based on income, property, personal property, sales, and gasoline taxes. And the No. 1 tax-friendly city? Cheyenne, Wyoming. One reason is that Wyoming has no state income tax

Top 10 tax-friendly cities:
1. Cheyenne, Wyoming
2. Houston, Texas
3. Jacksonville, Florida
4. Memphis, Tennessee
5. Sioux Falls, South Dakota
6. Las Vegas, Nevada
7. Manchester, New Hampshire
8. Anchorage, Alaska
9. Phoenix, Arizona
10. Seattle, Washington The best places to retire are the same cities to which people in their 40s and 50s are flocking now! Click to find out where they are. The rest of the list:
11. Fargo, North Dakota
12. Denver, Colorado
13. New Orleans, Louisiana
14. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
15. Boston, Massachusetts
16. Birmingham, Alabama
17. Albuquerque, New Mexico
18. Burlington, Vermont
19. Columbus, Ohio
20. Charleston, West Virginia
21. Boise, Idaho
22. Newark, New Jersey
23. Billings, Montana
24. Detroit, Michigan
25. Wichita, Kansas

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