Thursday, June 10, 2004


My brother and I are currently debating selfishness versus selflessness.

My comment on the matter today is small.

Mother Teresa has set a modern day bar concerning what I mean about the last act of selfishness that man truly gets if he wants to go to heaven(selfish), You must give yourself to Jesus(selfless).

Mother Teresa dedicated her life to the poor and helpless by going to the poorest places and bringing food shelter and clothing to orphans. She did this out of love of God and the desire one gets when one truly loves someone else (God) and that is tries to do what the one you love wants you to do.

Jesus returned to her a blessing that everyone recognizes and crosses all boundaries, races, and religions and no one can deny or criticize.

If I could do such a work as her and many of the other Saints then I would be equally as blessed and so would anyone else.

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This new comment system is... very integrated. What the hell were we talking about?