Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Intelligent Design

I have an argument for ID which was inspired by the debate over at HAC's place and I decided that I want to put it here as well. (scroll down to see the rest of this article)

Hey HAC. I believe in ID as well. And Chinga tu is right. ID is not verifiable or is it. E=mc2. A black hole, http://STARSPLASH/2005/08/dark-matter.html in this little article I ask one question which I have never in 20-30 years of reading everything I can get my hands on heard posed. Where is all this extra energy going? It cannot be in this Universe. I hate it when other people use the terminology "another dimension", but you answer that one and you may see mankind on the path to exploring this Galaxy and maybe the Universe.

How does this relate to Intelligent design? Einstein was interested in light. And in this one simple equation men have been brought to the point where we literally have our destiny in our own hands, but we can't seem to get beyond this little fence. Shall we be able to continue on or destroy ourselves? My point here is there is a structure and order so complex that we are yet to describe. In fact we are as far away from definition today as Newton was away from understanding that it wasn't velocity he was looking for but the absolute speed of light in his equasion, yet it was the step up in knowledge that Einstein needed for his layer of discoveries just as Einstein's were for the scientists of today's. The fact must be that there is another 'argh'place, "dimension", parallel,not coexistent but close enough and big enough to absorb all the infinite mass thrown at it from the black holes in this universe. What we call it or what you call it may or may not be important. As for me it is the place where an intelligent designer is and I for lack of a name will call him God. He is that he is. As far as I am concerned forever eternal and infinite as we are finite.

Why should we consider this in a debate over ID? We have learned to break matter down into energy but we haven,t learned to take energy and make matter yet. Energy is free from the constraints of this universe. Quantifiable but not described. Identified but not by feel or lack of it, not caught, captured, recorded, packaged and reproduced at a whim. Held in your hands but not. It is....We know it is...Can measure it or it's results but only know that it is there and we can practicaly utilize it in our quaint rudimentary way. Same thing with gravity.

Hac is right and I will surmise it my way. Evolution is a guess and not a practicality. Amusing at most for the time being but worth blood shed? I think not. It has boiled down to proud pompous men debating a scientific theory using only philosophy. Very amusing.

Intelligent design includes the very forces that rule our universe. Evolution does not. Evolution assumes they existed prior to the creation of this universe but E=mc2 says different.

BTW if your wondering, I think that "Dark matter" is not right. I think they should be looking for an as yet unknown force rather than mass.