Friday, October 21, 2005

People should know this

Why are people touring the Gulf of Mexico during hurricane season? I mean, little risky don't you think?

Could we just do one more little role play you know it could go something like this:

"Hey hey Martha what do you say we take a little visit down to the Yucatan Peninsula and see if we can catch a little wind maybe. Whacha think, we might get lucky and get stuck in a third world country with no water or electricity? We could only hope huh? What a story we would have if we survive."

You know I am all for taking a few risks, but temping God? Nu-uh. Not this guy. I understand that the prices are lower during the hot season down there but ah, I thought going there was supposed to be relaxing and I sure could think of other less life endangering ways to get a thrill or two. Maybe parasailing or something. I hear that is a riot. But you know. If you gotta go there it's your life. Never know you could have quite a tale to tell. Never know.