Friday, October 21, 2005

I have another complaint about customers


God in heaven twice this week customers got so helpful that they got in the way. For the sake of Jesus get about 10 feet away from me and stay there. @#$% what if I should get bit by the ol buzz juice, which happens from time to time, aren't you risking your selves as well? GEES!

You weren,t helping me you were hindering me.
And for God's sake don't point at a part in the electrical box when it's hot! DUMB DUMB DUMB. That's 240+ volts your about to touch.

I can just see it now. BZZZZAP, gee sir I thought the worm went out of style about 20 years ago. SIR? You just bit your toung-ewww look at the blood. Or: huh where did the tip of your finger go sir? Are you barbecuing for dinner cause I smell meat burning?
Or: get a load of the Einstein hair.
Or: Do you know how funny you looked hitting yourself in the face jerking back like that? MWhahahaha.
Or: Guy must have a booger on his finger he can't get off the way he's shakin it around.
Or: What was that yell?
Or: Bllump! Sir are you alright, Sir? Sir?

Get the picture. Part of my job training included how to handle hazardous materials and just plain old hazards which include some of the worst that there are. Electricity and phosgene gas both of which can kill in moments come to mind. Oh you say you don't know what phosgene gas is? I'm sorry. Think 'Mustard Gas'. You know the stuff they used in WWI to kill with. Yup that's right I got to worry about that too. I ain't got time to deal with the really helpful customers, I GOT OTHER THINGS TO WORRY ABOUT, you know what I mean?

Just to recap this little ditty.
Don't be idiots and: