Sunday, October 16, 2005

Back to liars

Omni has a very good little article on Liars

"So, could lying be a person's nature too, right down in the physical part of the brain, so that we'd have to cut them a great deal of slack to be fair, just as we would for someone with a so-called "mental illness"? The very thought galls me right down to my soul, because I have nothing but contempt for liars, and for those who persist in enabling and supporting their dishonesty, but... If it truly ends up that some liars are compelled to lie, yes, we're going to have to start taking a step back when we encounter liars and try to sort out if there's actually evil intent or not. My next thought was something like, "Then again, we've known for a long time that we should be understanding and accepting of the behavior of depressives, and they're still universally looked down on and spurned, so good luck to the liars," but the sad reality is that people already treat liars better than they do depressives, so there's no real comparison possible. {sigh}"

So if true then we should have some drugs that will suppress a persons desire to lie. HA! Yeah lets just drug them up so we don't have to put up with them. You know what else. What of the politicians who lie? They got white brains including the politically active such as.....Hmmm? I know! Louis Ferrikahn! Ha: the guy espouses black ideals so much you would swear this black man wanted black blood. I wonder if I am the same blood type as he, if so would he reject my blood if he ever needed it? Probably. I guess that makes him "prejudiced".

Too bad a scan would show that he has more white in his brain than he realized. Now what's he gonna do about that. Maybe he will go get an operation to get rid of the offending white matter. (A laugh smothered to a very humorous feeling inside). We could only hope.