Wednesday, March 24, 2004


Arcadia, bliss, dreamland, dreamworld, Eden, Elysian fields, Erewhon, fairyland, heaven, never-never land, paradise, perfection, promised land, seventh heaven, Shangri-La, wonderland.

We've got millions of people here in the U.S. trying to find another way to heaven. In fact spiritual men, wise men and men of learning and education have been trying to find or earn thier way to heaven for thousands of years.

You know what? They havent found one yet.

There is only one way into that place of perfection, and it is mighty narrow. One door but it is there. In fact it is disguised. Many many have heard of it, in fact most have. Many have seen it, and many have even walked up to it and peered in thought for a moment and then turned away. Many have even entered into it but for some reason were blinded to the fact that they were in the door and walked back out. But only the ones who were given to immerse themselves trusting in the maker of Heaven understand where they are.

How about you. Are you willing to enter into the gates and discover the Grace of God or will you too take only the rewards you find here on earth?

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