Monday, March 22, 2004

Honesty, I will not be able to say it enough.

I knew something was wrong because he always seemed happier than this after spending time with his friends; so I asked him about it. They had just finished playing a game of basketball and were getting on their bikes to head home. As he was unlocking his, it tipped over, scratching and denting a nearby car. The sullen look on his face indicated he had come home without telling this to anyone.

I asked him if he wanted to run errands with me, and as we were driving to the store together, I explained the choice that he would have to make and the consequences of his decision. On the way home, I asked him if he wanted to stop at the park and he sheepishly answered, “No.” "Well then, do you want some lunch?" I asked as we pulled over.

The restaurant hadn’t changed a bit since I had worked there so many years ago. I recognized the voice of my old boss, Fred, coming from the kitchen, and asked one of the waitresses if I could speak to him. He didn’t remember me at first but that soon changed; I was something of a superstar in the field of dishwashing back in the day. "I owe you some money, Fred. I ate lots of burgers in between washes and I never paid you for them." Fred looked surprised and refused to take any money, but he expressed his gratitude to me, and said it was the first time anyone had returned after so many years to pay a debt.

Walking from the store, I smiled as my son asked, “Why did you do that, Dad?” The answer was easy: "I was tired of feeling guilty every time I drove past the restaurant. It's never too late to try and fix a mistake." I paused. "Do you want to stop by the park again?"

You'll never guess what he said.

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