Sunday, March 21, 2004

Recent comment I made at Command Post

Sadam did have connections to Al Queda. Plus he was supporting terrorism and was in pursuit of NBC weapons. We know for a fact that he used chemical weapons on his own people and he threatend use of the weapons agains us if we invaded. That was dumb on his part. Even though I and several other people were believing that He did not have a nuke or thought the likley hood that he had a nuke was low I and many like me still supported the invasion. Sadum was intent on controlling that region of the world and and had delusions that he had somekind of mandate from God to do so. Needless to say him controlling to middle east would be a catastrophe for the rest of the world. Any one who cannot do the math would have deserved the mess that it would have created out of what they say they want of this world. Apparently there are too many people
who think they are more persuasive than they really are and somehow think that they would come out on top in a world out of sorts but the fact is it becomes a crap shoot even for them. Fortunatly we won’t have to find out now will we?
I for one Laude GW for his extremely difficult decision and will continue to support him. Besides the good ol boys you are complaining about are in the Democratic party and they are the ones complaining the most. Why? Cause the Republicans won’t let them play good ol boy games. That gets the big WAAAA from me. HaHAHAHAHA


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