Friday, March 05, 2004

Martha Stewart found guilty
but I say she's innocent and here's why.

Thanks to Court

"Among the items was the corroborating testimony of Stewart's financial manager, Heidi DeLuca, and forensic evidence that a notation was made on a worksheet prepared by Bacanovic regarding the ImClone sale well before the sale date".

It has been one of Martha Stewart's claims that she had planned with her broker to sell the stock when it reached $60.00 a share.

Why the jury itself didn't see and hear this part of the testimony and ignored it during deliberations is symptomatic of people used to lying and liars themselves. They have become used to the idea somehow that the accused is guilty and must prove themselves innocent and indicative of the state of our country , that even through a titanic struggle the glide to mediocrity , and eventual failure is imminent.

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