Saturday, March 06, 2004

Exerpt from the writings of King James the 6th and 1st on the behavior and duties of a king.

I have edited it by installing current letters in place of the old style of writings, but the words are the same.

Here have we in these three Verses, set down the form and patern of the Inauguration of a King, together with a perfect description of the cares and crosses, that a King must prepare himself to indure in the due administration of his office. For the true understanding whereof, two things are to be respected and had in consideration, the Person and the Patern: the qualities of the Person to be applied to our comfort and salvation; the Patern for our imitation or example. The Person was our SAVIOUR JESuS CHRIST, who was humbled for our exaltation, tortured for our comfort, despised for our glory, and suffered for our salvation.

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