Sunday, October 09, 2005


My wife got her first membership invite to AARP, oh boy!

I copied a comment I made at Sam Burns site because I wanted to say more but It boils down to WAaaaa.

The prob I have with my age is that even if the computer did it all for me I still haven't really figured this thing out yet.

By the way the older you get the more stuff hurts and I hear it just gets worse. Owwww! I like getting older, arrgh. That funny noise your here is me stumping my way across the living room on my way to the fridge for another soda. Gotta have my caffien(d).

I used to run with the dogs but now.....I wish I dared to run. I do understand why older people just hop funny when the tried to move fast. How I ridiculed them. Now comes the time to payyyy.
Young-uns don't think bad of old ones cause you will soon be there. Worse, sooner than you think. My how time flies.