Thursday, October 13, 2005

I just had a thought.

We haven't found a commercially viable way to utilize hydrogen in our cars but wait there may be a way to take a first step.

Hydrogen is easily produced by passing an electrical charge through water.

I think it would be entirely feasible to include a small water tank to a vehicle and install electrodes in it running a charge through the water and collecting the gases and pulling them into the carburetor via the regular vacuum a auto develops.. As an accessory to the regular gasoline engine this should act as a fuel expander allowing people to use less gas. Also this would be easily retro fitted into any car now in production.

It is my idea and I want the royalties from it and I will sue yoos for it. Or you can stop by my house and make me an offer for this one.

Never know. you might make billions and I might make a tidy sum an the side. Any takers?