Monday, October 10, 2005

A little update on Louisiana

I learned this from a confidential informant and knowing that there had to be reason for the log jam of trucks waiting to go into the Big Easy and finding no other plausible reason to not mention this rumor.

It turns out that right after the hurricane Katrina the schiesters just couldn't resist the lure of what they knew was going to become a flood after the flood. A deluge of money only this time they were thinking ahead.. While people were starving and dying in New Orleans the state of Mississippi and Louisiana got into a pissing contest over where the logistics bases of the major relief organizations were going to be based; FEMA and the Red Cross, and if George Bush hadn't of gone there and told those lousy grub worms that it didn't matter if they got in the way or not the relief supplies are going in and with the backing of the U.S. military, those idiots would have starved a few hundred more people perhaps even to death. The love of money is the root of all evil.

I get the distinct impression that the crooks wouldn't care if N.O. got rebuilt or not as long as they got their kickbacks. Unless some intervention is presented I have a feeling that restoring the region would turn into a money pit.

As for getting people to move back there I doubt that any with a modicum of wisdom will, see-ins as how they probably know better-n-most the crooked situation in that rot infested political network.

If the Port of New Orleans wasn't situated in one of the most strategically located areas of the CONUS we could turn our backs on this festering rat hole and never have to look back but as it stands we will have to at least rebuild the shipping facilities which necessitates the need for the infrastructure and people to operate it.

My opinion on areas like the 9th ward. Turn it into barge facilities or Park and quit trying to restore it. Most of those homes are not going to be right livable ever again anyway. Notice that I am not saying that people couldn't live in them and desperate people may accept anything for shelter but they shouldn't. And what I can see is that most of them will probably have resettled else where having discovered that there are other more acceptable places anyway. In other words having been forced out by mother nature, maybe this natural disaster was the best thing to have happened to many of them having discovered that they lived in a swamp full of scum.