Monday, October 10, 2005

Argument for Columbus day

Inspired from Instapundit:

OK, I never was against Columbus day anyway. Even though the anti-American U.S. citizens who proffer political correctness who think(not know)that they have the upper hand on what is right, Columbuses discovery of a new continent happened and back when it was winner takes all in war these things were nothing new. By the time Oklahoma was taken away from the Indians for settlement the conquering was complete. And even by the time Oklahoma became a state; 1907, the predominant attitude, which did not fade until after WWII, of the dominion of the conquerors certainly pre-clude the current generations from denying that what Columbus discovery has meant-the ultimate realization that amongst the common masses lay the ability to achieve greatness. Of course the path that these well meaning correctors of past percieved wrongs leads back to the same monarchical society they conjure as not the way they are going. But to a caculating normal individual their math doesn't add up. In fact when they have been presented with the facts they get all bent and used personal attacks like that was their weapon of choice.

I do disagree with Morrison's assessment that Calvinistic attitudes are what lead to the idea that 'Columbus day should not be celebrated here in the U.S. due to Columbuses discovery may have led to the evil that we are today'.

I personally have been asked if I was a Calvinist to which I had to profess ignorance concerning what that meant and the explanation which was given almost sounded like an eastern religion than the Christianity I so cherish.

The area that I and John Calvin are nearly identical in beliefs as I understand it is in the foundation that, God has everything, owns everything, and is everything. A deeper explanation I base in both Genesis and John1:1. In the beginning there was nothing but God and God is love so what did he create the universe out but himself. My further take on this is that "this does not make us God or even little baby Gods,Though God calls us not only his creation but his children by the Son Jesus Christ.

If there is a connection between Calvanism and what people are trying to do with Columbus day it would be in the area of; 'like so many other things we see in this effort to trample the truth', a twisting or outright lying for the sake of laying blame for ones own attitude at a household level. Not that a particular individual may believe this but because at a husbandry level the need to debase anything especially of significant historical value-Christian. If that could be accomplished then the need for God could be erased from the world. And the door opened for other things.

That is quite an interesting way in which God causes certain things to happen such as the Christian settlement of whole new continents. Columbus an Italian Catholic has to go to Portugal for financial support of his theory and returns from his ad-venture to a protestant English port. Ensuring that not only Portugal would know but Italy and England as well.

"a Spanish caravel named Nina scudded before a winter gale into Lisbon with news of a discovery that was to give old Europe another chance."