Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Ten reasons why I cannot be a politician

1. I flashed the girls track team at regionals in high school. (I never did figure out why they ran towards me)

2. I am honest.

3. I do not believe in compromise.

4. I look like Richard Nixon with blond hair especial the nose.

5. I act like a nut so no one will want to ask me to run for office. ( This one didn't work they asked me twice)(Oh I get it you have to be nuts to run for office---my bad)

6. I did not finish college and I would have to lie about it. (this conflicts with my need to be honest)

7. I might say things like "if you don't stop pesterin our country I am gonna stick my size 11 shoes so far up your a-- you'll be eatin rubber for a month."(wait a minute didn't Ronald Reagan say "go ahead make my day???)

8. I would suggest every American buy a gun.

9. No one would ever be able to figure out why I want equal pay for equal work but still think woman should stay at home but if they want to work it is fine with me. (holy crap that is how the politicians talk)

10. Good God I have to run for office(no way)