Friday, September 30, 2005

The reason Pro Abortionists keep loosing

You cannot abort 1/3 of all babies conceived and expect for your ideals to survive. It is simple math. What would 20 million more registered voters born of the liberal left have done for Al Gore and John Kerry ? They lost the elections not because of their stand on abortion but because Roe v Wade killed their future supporters.

I believe all of those unborn innocents went to Heaven.

For the Demon-Crats just more proof that you-all are gonna go extinct.

Some part of me wants to laugh but the rest of me thinks that it would at best be hollow and crass, and even for me the thought is just to horrifying. Funny how I always say that in the end the crazy ideas that are twisted into truth by people who think and not know the truth are always lost in this survival of the fittest era.