Saturday, June 25, 2005


I just recieved an IM from out of nowhere to which I became suspicious of the motives behind the impromptu chat. Rather than try to explain this chat I will just post it with fair warning to all. Don't call me for strange crap. Get to the point or get away from me.

Ugafan495: heyman
Erks33: hello
Erks33: Whats up
Ugafan495: not much. just kickin' back on my day off. you?
Erks33: blogin away
Erks33: You must be a university of georgia fan
Ugafan495: yeah...i graduated in '95 from uga.
Erks33: thats cool
Ugafan495: played baseball at georgia for 2 years
.Erks33: ah
Erks33: were you good
Ugafan495: yeah, until i hurt my knee playing football with some friends of mine....couldn't play my senior year.
Erks33: bet that wasnt fun
Erks33: what brings you to me?
Ugafan495: just searching profiles, saw you are in warner robins...i grew up in macon. now live in atlanta.
Erks33: oh so you can see I am kindof a reactor so to speak
Erks33: well thats interesting
Ugafan495: how old are you?
Erks33: 46
Erks33: and you
Ugafan495: 32
Ugafan495: play any sports?
Erks33: I used to
Ugafan495: what did you play?
Erks33: I got hurt pretty bad in highschool football
Erks33: had a stroke and got whiplash
Ugafan495: damn.
Erks33: i figured i should get out while i was still alive
Erks33: I was good though
Ugafan495: how big a guy are you? ht/wt?
Erks33: 6 ft 220 lbsUgafan495: dark/light hair?
Erks33: grey
Ugafan495: hairy/smooth?
Erks33: why?
Ugafan495: just wondered
Erks33: i am neanderthol in appearance
Ugafan495: huh?
Erks33: jutting jaw slanty forehead
Erks33: pointy chin and nose
Erks33: bad teeth and a laugh that scares the hell out of people

Ugafan495: ah
Erks33: with broad shoulders and a deep chest which hides a super strenght that belies description

Well that concludes that pass for the day.



Al said...

Dude was on his way over.

ron said...

I got the hint when he started gettin interested in my body hair. Frrrraaaang went the alarms in my head.