Tuesday, June 21, 2005


I think something is true but is it? Is knowledge thinking or is it knowing? Is there a difference between thinking and knowing? If there isn't a difference then why have two different words. If you say you think, are you saying you know or are you saying maybe? Are you telling me a little white lie just to make me feel better to include me in your thought or are you saying unequivocally it's a fact?

Do you people know the damage you are doing by saying you think when in fact you are saying you know. Do you know the damage that you do when you say you know when in fact you only think. Do you think that being apart of a group of people that say they know when they know they don't know, knowing that their associates also say they know knowing they don't know makes them apart of something that they know. I know this makes you who say you do know when you know that you don't know a group of people who don't know and hoping to deceive those who do know into believing that you do know.

So I should rename this one Thinking versus Knowing. Nope.

I think I know Why science. It is to think so we can know, not to think therefore we know. We know because we thought, but not all we thought led to what we know or what we think we know.

We don't know because we felt we know. We know because in every possible and unlimited way that we could think of what we know to be true always ends up the same. Then we know.

If we say we know but if every possible way that we think to test the truth is tried and one of the ways we think is not the same then we do not know.

If we say we know but we know that every test did not lead to the same then we are lieing.

If we tell others this lie and they being beguiled into thinking that what we say we know is known and so order their lives and fall into the unknown, then we have committed one of the most egregious crimes that man can perpetrate on another which can only be mollified by sequestering the liars from our selves so that we not be beguiled by such as they any more and hope that we are able to recover from the unknown to live in the known again.

Is it possible to know everything? Shall we put aside living our lives until we know that we know everything, or shall we live with what we know until we know more?

My answer for you can only be that I do not know. I can tell you what I think from what I know for you. I know that living in the truth cannot be for we live not by the truth but by the life that we have been given. Whether I know the truth and live by it or not is an aside for I live either way, that is the truth. That to live to make another's life better is the life that I live. To make another's life better makes my life better. If I am enriched for making another's life better is not important to me for you owe me nothing for me making your life better. To do otherwise would be to enslave you to me making me responsible for you and I will take no responsibility for you, your life, or you actions. Though I have the mind to empower me as such it is not my will to do so. I must be true to myself first. It is the bastion of all that I believe in as my behavior as a man. That if I free you from debt to me I will be the one who is free whether you are free or not. Neither do I indent you to me.

As for me I will live from what I know and that is this: There is too much that I do not know that transcends what I know and what other's know for me to know everything and therefore I know that if there is not something greater than mankind that knows then there is no reason to know anything and that I would be better off as an animal not knowing .

That it is better not knowing than to say that I know when I know that I do not know and to have been beguiled by those that say they know when they know that they don't know irritates me because I didn't know that they were saying that they knew but they didn't know, and I could have known.

It is bad for someone who says that they know when they know that they don't know to say to someone who knows that they know they don't know. Because the person who knows knows that he can no longer associate himself with the person who says he does know but doesn't because the knowledge that there is one more person who doesn't know decreases his chances of knowing more.

Sadly there are others that work for and wish for others to not know even hoping that others don't know so that they may enslave them with what they know.

It is a true gem to find out something new and to know. It is a greater gem to share what you know and have others discover the same.

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