Saturday, June 25, 2005

Prosperity is built on the truth

In order to flourish and prosper we must be able to see and do the truth by ourselves. If we cannot see and do the truth then we will make errors and in those errors we will not prosper. If we say we see the truth but do a lie we cannot prosper. For either we lied about seeing the truth and did a lie or in our deceptive behavior did a truth and lied about it engaging an old mathematical principle. A lie being a zero and the truth being a positive when multiplied together always equal a zero, and there is no way to escape this method. There is no way to add a lie to an equasion and make the equasion a positive; the whole thought becomes in that instant a zero.

In other words If you are telling the truth about something but want people to think something else and add a lie then what you are telling people in that instant becomes nothing. and if people follow that nothing they will always end up in the same place. Nowhere! And if there goal is prosperity measured in dollars and cents then they will end up broke.

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