Monday, June 27, 2005

So the Supreme Court puts off the inevitable

The Supreme Court has dodged the idea that they will have to deface thier own building in it's recent ruling regarding displays containing religious content. Or have they? They still look hypocritacle and duplicitous to me.

Now just to make this perfectly clear, I am all 100% for public displays of Christianity. Just in case you thought I was arguing against the Ten commandments or any other chisled proclamation of God.

However My point is these men have just straddled a picket fence and as they try to walk down this pointy line they are going to find out that it is one inguinaly painful trip.

This is what it looks like they have said to me> This countries public buildings may display outside on their lawns religious displays but not inside their buildings, except for their own which they deem to be appropriate. That is strict hypocrisy in its simplest form.

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