Friday, April 09, 2004

Sound Familiar

My brother disagrees that we should level some Iraq cities. I am not naive to think that we will.

However I want it on record what is happening.

King James version (with strongs concordance)
Dan 11:2 And now6258 will I show5046 thee the truth.571 Behold,2009 there shall stand up5975 yet5750 three7969 kings4428 in Persia;6539 and the fourth7243 shall be far richer6238, 1419, 6239 than they all:4480, 3605 and by his strength2393 through his riches6239 he shall stir up5782 all3605 against854 the realm4438 of Greece.3120

This is a tward the end time prophecy. Not an end time prophecy. Theat comes just a little later in this book.

Greece is exemplified by democracy. What does it mean in terms of actual human actions? Like a struggle but not a world war. That also comes later in fact years later. The middle east against Democracy. No country that considers itself democratic can think itself insulated. I used to jokingly refer to an old cartoon I watched when I was a kid on the Rocky and Bullwinkle show. Savoi Fair is every where. I mean that the muslims are everywhere. We have 3 Medo Persians stirring up the muslims. Let's watch and see what happens.

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