Sunday, April 04, 2004

OUTSOURCING: with a side note

In any given business there are going to be problems. In the past companies used to have all of the people who were experts in there respected areas. If a problem cropped up the company would just call get one of their own people up there and solve it. If a toilet broke down they would call maintenance and get it fixed. If they ran into a glitch with software they called one of their own programmers in. If a there were changes in the laws that affected accounting or management then they got their accountants and management teams in to work out the details. Now if it is all outsourced and believe you me if you call me( a service technician) in I am going to charge you a damn pretty penny to fix your ----! I call it ---- because by the time I get there in a great many cases because of the lack of maintenance people on site the equipment has turned to ----. Oh in case you are wondering what---- means it has something to do with what you flush.

The vast majority of people who work in the white collar management industry are TOTALLY stupid when it comes down to gettin their hands dirty. You people are trying to outsource all the little things you buy in your houses. I remember sitting in colledge class business 101. The first thing that my proffessor says is that the new emerging information age was going to replace our current factory based economy. The first thought I had was_no it is not! Let me see you people wear elctronic clothing, live in a virtual house, eat paper. That gets the dreaded HAHAHAHAHAHAHA from me. Information is a tool that helps us make what we wear, build what we live in, and grow what we eat faster, better, and cheaper, not replace it. It supports the factory part of our economy and adds a complimentary industry not a replacement industry you cumquats! If we outsource what we wear, build, and eat we are only going to make ourselves freeze to death, burn to death, and starve to death. Our factory based economy used to provide 25% of all jobs in the U.S. now it is down to 17%. If we outsource The information industry then we have one final bastion in our economy. Construction! Little do you Numbrains know that we are year by year outsourcing that industry as well by shear laziness. with the importation of cheap labor (Mexico) just because we don't waaaana get our fingernails dirty.

Just a little side note:

I have got a suspicion that maybe some of it is slave labor. HUH you say? Yeah slaves! The incredible number of freeway businesses bought by those child laboring, slave owning, sweatshop believing Indians (street slang,dot heads)SLAVES! There are an estimated 21 million slaves in India so reports Paul Harvey. I would be willing to bet that we are hosting slaves. I'm so proud of this country I think I will be sick. Yeah it is not bad enough that We the people of the United States of America give those greeds tax free interest free money to buy those stations and motels. Guess what President that prospered under? BILL CLINTON! A DEMOCRAT! The very thing that 500,000 Americans died fighting over during the war between the states we may be by ignoring party to. (vomit)
They need to go back to their own country and make it just like ours. Hell they got a consumer market of 1.2 billion people. They should have been able to create an economy worth 24 trillion by now. Oh I forgot they got a different culture than ours. SO eat our dust! If they squelch their own ingenuity doesn't mean they have to bring their squelch here.

Back to my main subject:

Here is a saying I've started: Management works employee's work. Management don't work-employees don't work!

I will put it this way. Talk is cheap, if management is all yak and no clap then employees are going to do the duh-huh and go right back to what they were doing and that is nothing. That is a good money maker for the companies ain't it.
Here is another saying: Money talks and bs walks. I want to change that a little to: Results talk and bs walks.
People who only learned how to talk the talk but know nothing of the walk don't belong in management and are nothing but clanging gongs and banging cymbals. That is why the people in the trenches are griping about the idiots in the front offices. These people know that those people are ruining the very companies they are working for. And oh the management who is the problem comes to the conclusion that It's tooo much trouble to do all the paper work ourselves we should outsource our business offices.

I love the movie Forest Gump. The character says it like this: Life is like a box of chocolates, You never know what you are going to get.

Is the company that outsources being lied to and are they going to get what they pay for;
or are they going to get what they paid for? Right now it's a crapshoot.

The main reason that companies are outsourcing is because they are cowards and morally corrupt. They are running away from the difficulties of trying to manage the prima donnas that they hire and the stupid management doesn't know the difference between prima donnas or good employees. In fact every time I turn around the stupid managers are giving their good hard working employees that actually care about their damn companies a bad time and rewarding their lying cheating idiots they hire. The old saying goes; Misery loves company so the miserable keep the miserable around and get rid of the good, perpetuating their misery. That is the ultimate in stupidity.

Management is morally corrupt and irresponsible. Responsibility takes courage. It is not easy to stand by watching over the employees Helping them solve the problems that crop up. It is not easy taking the chance that you will be wrong it is not easy taking the initiative making decisions that might be wrong later. It's not easy admitting that you were wrong It ani't fun getting your ass chewed out because you screwed up. It is one of the hardest things humans do to humble themselves. Feeling humiliated because we've been dumb or forgot a detail. In fact it can be downright harrowing stressful nagging crap. Hack it! Do like I do hack it nice! That's why they call it WORK. That is what you get paid for. That is why they call it a service. It is work and work is damned. Sweat of the brow! In fact God damned work, in the truest sense of the word Goddamned. If you can't hack work then quit working. Idiots!
Spare the rest of us who can hack work the misery of having to put up with your lying miserable animal asses.

Know what the answer is? Jesus Christ. For further information on the subject of Jesus check my archives. If you find that unsatisfactory check my reference book. The King James version of the Bible. The books of Mathew ,Mark, Luke, and John. For further information on how to manage read the rest of the bible.

For those of you who don't like the way I put things, keep in mind that I can say stuff any way I like! Why? Cause this is America and it's called the freedom of speech. And by God I'm exercising it whether you like or not!

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