Friday, April 09, 2004


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Russian Group Plans Men on Mars by 2011

MOSCOW (AP) - A group of Russian space experts on Friday announced an ambitious plan to send a six-man crew to Mars within a decade, a project it said would cost only $3.5 billion. Russian space officials dismissed the project as nonsense

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I figured since compuserve kindof moved on with their news and that since I had this in my in-box I would put the rest of the story in my blog all for you my faithful readers.
FRONTIERS ... Russians plan Mars trip
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A group of Russian space experts says it is planning a privately financed manned mission to Mars.

One of the team, Georgy Uspensky, of the Central Research Institute for Machine Building, says it would happen within 10 years and cost $3 - $5 billion.

Aerospace Systems, a commercial company seeking to fund the project using private capital, suggested it could involve a reality TV show. But Russia's official space agency has dismissed the project as nonsense.

The plan is for six cosmonauts to take a three-year round trip, including several months exploring Mars.

The spaceship would be equipped with its own garden, to supply them with fresh fruit and vegetables.

The experts say the craft would use parts already tried and tested on the International Space Station.

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