Thursday, April 08, 2004

News media

How many of you remember the news stories about the news reals from WWII?
In World WAR II The news reporters reported only one side of the story. OURs! Before the war there was plenty of reporting on the pro's and con's about getting into the war but after we entered the war those arguments went away. And everyone of the media whether for or against did not want to be responsible for any more men getting killed because they gave comfort to the enemy by their negative reporting thus giving the enemy a moral boost Causing them to fight more vigorously, thereby literally getting their countrymen unnecessarily killed. To me that is murder and to me that is treasonous.

I have often thought of why the media has relented to report for the side of the enemy as well have even heard them answer to the question. Their answer was that they were just trying to be fair but here is the problem with that. The Constitution of the United States of America is the foundation for the law governing the U.S.. Let me say that again. The Constitution Of the United States of America is the foundation for law in the United States of America. It does not govern Iraq just as it did not govern Germany or Japan after WWII. These two nations were not governed by the constitution after we conquered them. Martial law did. In other words our military had absolute power and sway in these countries. Not the constitution. That our government and these military men began the process of democratization of these countries so that they could stand on their own is a by product of the upbringing that they had here in the United States and that speakes well for our country. That these countries today have the power to disagree with us withour fear of military retribution from us is key to understanding what we are and what we intend to do in Iraq.

We have had over the last 20 or 30 years A notion that the U.S. because of it's great power has great responsibility is meritable but we did not become great by embracing the rest of the worlds religious viewpoint that were a part of a greater whole (coined community of man kind) but independent of it. We did not enter WWII because we thought we had a responsibility to the world but because Germany and Japan by their actions threatened our independence from the rest of it. We did not get into the Korean War because we were being responsible to the rest of the world but because communism threatened our freedom from it. We did not get into the Vietnam war because we had an interest in Vietnam but because it was communisms stated goal to eventually conquer the U.S. and they were taking it one step at a time. Our interest was our own freedom. Had communism not of-made it their actions and statements not to conquer us we would have sat back and watched with the detached interest as South Korea and South Vietnam fell. But NOOOoo the Bear had to threaten us-all because some voice in it's head had to tell it to go and eat.

We did not invade Iraq and we do not fight terrorism because we are trying to give these people a better life, but because the Muslim terrorists and Muslim nations are threatening our independence from them. They are threatening our freedom. If they had not made it their stated goals and actions to threaten our freedom we would not be over there

We do not want Muslim ideologies. One has but to look at the abstract poverty, corruption, and human misery. One has only to look at the outflux of people from Muslim nations looking for a better life to realize that the Muslim ideologies don't work. If we were only seeing a few million leaving it would be of no consequence but we are seeing tens of millions and hundreds of millions. They are finding that freedom in the western world. The U.S..

The same as this attitude that comes from eastern religions about all people being a part of the whole, Coined phrase global community. The idea that no man is an island is not correct because we all have to think for ourselves and we all have to make our own decisions. There is no such thing as a global community and we are not all a part of the whole. There is no man that will ever be able to duplicate what I think or believe. No man ever born or ever will be born will ever be able to be perfectly like another. The last estimate of the number of people who have been born on earth from the beginning of men till today is the astronomical figure of one trillion and I guarantee you that not one of them were alike.

I know a little song that my aunt's used to sing when I was a little child and the chorus went something like this.
Little boxes little boxes and they're all made out of tikki tavi and they all look just the same.

This song was out of the depression about public works projects which built a multitude of houses in rows that were identical. They were slapped together as fast and a cheaply as they could to try and get families; who had lost their homes off the street. But my point is that people who think that I am a part of their thought process and somehow am some kind of collection point of ideas are incorrect-I am not. I come up with these ideas; especially the ones that apparently no one else thought of, All by my self. Actually I will say by God. But that is between me and God. No other man in the end sways me in my own belief but God-you can tell me your beliefs but it is my decision to believe or not or rather God's . In the end that is the way it is for everyone and occurs independently from everyone else. My going along with someone else's view point is strictly voluntary and just as I recognize that I also know that someone going along with my view point is strictly voluntary. At any given place in time a person may disagree with me and to me that does not necessarily make them traitorous to me. I do not count a person an ally just because they agree with me just as I don't expect to be considered an ally because I agree with them. In fact I get consternated when people try to duplicate me when the fact is by the just mentioned individuality a person may not be able to make the things that work in my life work in theirs. It would literally take an act of God and he does by the way make things work out but God does not make the experience identical, Our unity is with Him and He reserves that unto Himself, not with each other.
This argument by the way does not mean that I argue for anarchy. It does mean that I argue for limited government. The more limited government is the more leeway I have to work out those things in my life that I have great drive to work out for myself and my family such as food, clothing, and housing.

As long as there are two people on this planet they will come to some understanding regarding their relationship and hence government.
Men will not be without some form of rules governing them. With an increased population that guarantees There will be rules governing men such as transportation, sanitation, behavior (ie. morals, ethics) ect., and until Jesus returns there will be men who by there circular logic (I am being nice) try to bribe or steal or manipulate their way to their own version of Heaven at the expense of others thusly requiring these rules and enforcement of them.

The idea that there is no common ground or limits is also a fallacy. A person who says that there are no limits needs one of those funny looking white jackets with all the straps and strings attached. By the way if I say the sky is the limit, if you think about it, the sky has a limit.
There are things which have extremely high limits on which men may never reach. One of those limits is that every man becomes wealthy and lives in a mansion of a life of their choosing. It is mathematically possible and we get a little closer every year but we in all likelihood not reach the pinnacle of that goal. It is definitely a goal worth striving for and just like Everest the Moon and Mars we should be trying to climb that mountain just because it is there and the effort is honorable and worthy. I caution us though that it is not the be all end all nor will just achieving such a lofty goal give us heaven in heaven.

Of course I digress drastically from my original intent of lambasting the news media for being murdering bastards but I have to admit it is much more pleasing to discuss the worthy things that men may do than the evil that men do.

Until Jesus returns; and I have no idea what Jesus will accomplish with men nor do I spend much time thinking on such, I am positive of one thing. That It will be a magnificent example of what mankind could have become had the path not led down this way of evil.

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