Saturday, April 17, 2004


I am fixin to go under the knife so I descided to write and post my final will and testament.

In tune with the movie Second Hand Lions.

My wife gets it all but for most of my tools to go to my son Jezreel James, and Most of my memorbilia in my two 40 mm grenade cans to go to my daughter Janell Liane.

To the rest of my family if you want to see that stuff go to my son or my daughter and if you bitch you can have $.25 cents out of my change jar.

Just bury me in the family plot in Oklahoma. I don't need a fancy coffin, a pine box will do and as to this embalming crap you can ignore that too. Just keep my body refridgerated and I should be fine.

What I want written on my headstone is: Here lies Ronald Cody Erkkila, A man who did not care what anyone else in this world thought but did care that we would live under God and find our happiness not in our selves but in God by his Son Jesus Christ.


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