Sunday, April 11, 2004

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King James
Luk 19:39 And2532 some5100 of the3588 Pharisees5330 from575 among the3588 multitude3793 said2036 unto4314 him,846 Master,1320 rebuke2008 thy4675 disciples.3101

1Ti 5:1 Rebuke1969 not3361 an elder,4245 but235 entreat3870 him as5613 a father;3962 and the younger men3501 as5613 brethren;80

From G1909 and G4141; to chastise, that is, (with words) to upbraid: - rebuke.

From G1909 and G5091; to tax upon, that is, censure or admonish; by implication forbid: - (straitly) charge, rebuke.

Thi 2:15 That2443 ye may be1096 blameless273 and2532 harmless,185 the sons5043 of God,2316 without rebuke,298 in1722 the midst3319 of a crooked4646 and2532 perverse1294 nation,1074 among1722 whom3739 ye shine5316 as5613 lights5458 in1722 the world;2889

From G1 (as a negative particle) and a derivative of G3469; unblameable: - blameless.

Do you know why so many people whom rebuke the devil do not get the results that they are looking for? Is it a lack of faith you may think or is it that they aren't a Christian?
Probably neither It may be that you have improperly targeted the wrong being. Remember there are more than 1 devil in this world and at one time all were initially apart of the host of heaven. All have power. All of them can be a miserable nuisance if they choose.
The serpent that is the chief of devils is a wise and wiley being. When a person says I rebuke you devil in the name of Jesus. Satin may ask which devil or ok what's the rebuke or even asks are you saying I am blameless? Of course the person evoking the rebuke thinks they are using a statement such as "get thee behind me Satin! Or; Hast thou not heard thou shalt not temp the Lord thy God? Now that is a rebuke and an example given to us by the Master himself.

So If you want to rebuke Satin- tell him off and remind him of the truth that you have found in the word of God that is the Holy Bible. Otherwise Satin will pretend to be confused and ignore you and of course argue his case most successfully before the Father himself.

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