Tuesday, April 13, 2004


I guess that everyone prefers to be around someone who says the nice things that make one feel good. I know that I do as well, however I find it a grievous insult when someone tries to say nice things that they don't believe are true. That's called flattery.
It takes a lot to get through my shields and flattery will not get you there. Honesty will.
That is why I like hanging out with people like
Ayn Clouter
Ann Coulter
Living in Babylon
Town Hall.com

These people who are able to look at stark reality without shrinking in horror from the terrible possibilities of their imaginary fears,and certainly don't shirk any responsibility in shouting from the rooftops.
It matters not that they would ever look at me twice. God knows that I have a few other things to expose in society that are leading to the very ghastly things Democrats swear they are trying to prevent (baloney),and that the way I do it is not with a dull sword. I like it sharp, that way I don't have to try and beat people to death it. I have been called lazy and maybe that is true but frankly if I want to go outside and moon dinner, I can't imagine using a dull knife to skin it. Yeah that makes me lazy. Or does it make me a wise ,smart, efficient hunter gatherer.

Yeah I'm on the hunt and make no mistake about it I'm out for blood. I'm not trying to root things out like a pig sticking my snout in the dirt. I'm hunting those things in our society that would decivilize us in favor of a more brutal way of life. You see-I like my electricity and I want it nuclear. I like my cars and I want them energy free. I like my mass processed food and my salt and my preservatives and irradiation that keeps my food germ free so I don't get some killing disease. I like my ice cream and my refridgeration and my air conditioning and I'm not buying the BS about the ozone. So screw all you Ted Kazinski worshippers.

I like Mark Twain especially when he said that "an armed society is a peaceful society. It's kindof like MAD kept the piece for 30 years....... If I don't make my neighbor mad he won't get into a gun battle with me. Getting shot hurts like hello. Ask anyone who has been shot.

I like it when people come to my door and what they see is a man who's serious and if they blink wrong they are likely to get into trouble and be lucky to escape with their lives. Tends to develop respect in them.
I like that they have a life changing experience when I look them in the eyes and they realize that I'm not sizing them up to see if I can beat them up, instead I'm sizing them up incase I have to kill them, if they are a criminal and they try something.
I liked when my neighbors stupid young punk son while leaning up against his car looking across my yard my direction at 7:55 am one morning started hee haw'in like a donkey for the second time and I turned around and shouted "what the f---s your problem boy. I liked it when that very same punk jerked his head straight and looks fearful everytime I walk out of my house and doesn't make a sound.
I liked it when another of his punk friends who was making derisive comments to me just when my lawnmower quit and I heard him. I liked reaching down and grabbing the pull string and lifting my lawnmower 1 ft. off the ground and looking at him. I liked watching him disappear into his car and take off like his life depended on it(cause it did(punk)).
I liked it as my neighbor told some young idiots that if they brought their drugs back around here and started anything with him he was gonna beat the crap out of them and I liked when I told them if I heard any commotion going on I was gonna go out there and help him.
I liked after I blasted that possum at 5:30 am that for the next two weeks I could hear a pin drop in this neighbor hood(I guess they thought I shot someone HAHAHAHAHA).
I like it when criminals learn that they would be better off going to the police and turning themselves in voluntarily because they would be better off in prison than screwing around with me. Funny how it civilizes them.

Those aren't nice things to say but I guarantee you that those attitudes are part of why the U.S. is a great nation, part of why it may remain a great nation. Not because it is nice but because it keeps respect amongst neighbors. It doesn't mean I have friends but it does make them be respectfully friendly. And If I can't have friends (which I do not require) I will require friendly civilized behavior. We didn't become a great nation because we were one big happy family or because we were friends with one another but because we respected one another. We didn't step on one another but because we put God first then helped each other as we could. Because we worked hard and knew that if we didn't we would go hungry. Because we understood that it was a matter of life and death and that kids at the age of 14 could take better care of themselve than 25 year old pukes we call young adults today. That it takes idiots until they are 30 years old to start taking life seriously.

One thing people don't seem to get about me is that; Do unto others is a two way street with me, and I joyfully exercise that principle and laugh my butt off when you can't handle the mirror.

Anyway viva le independence and blow off!

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