Saturday, January 14, 2006

Teachers pay or is there another answer

I was recently interviewing a local teacher, per say I was asking for his perception as to why there was a teacher shortage. He said "one of the reasons that people don't want to be a teacher was that the kids are atrocious". The other was money. He felt that he wasn't getting paid enough. I told him in a round about way about what I made and though he didn't say anything his smile told me he makes more than me.

I asked him also if he was saying the reason that there weren't more people entering the teaching fields was greed? He said "no".

HMMM. It would appear if the teachers don't know why there are fewer teachers, yet deep down in their hearts they do, don't they?

First of all as always I would be remiss if I didn't tell you, the root cause of the kids being atrocious. No prayer, no help from God. It is God that keeps people in line, but if you don't ask he won't help. You got to pray.

Second of all the reason money is needed is because you have to pay people past the threshold where the job becomes worth the trouble and stress, the 'ole' money answers all things, however there is only so far that people are going to be able to afford to pay. At some point, points of diminishing returns come into play where no matter how well educated the kids are when they get out of school the cost to a nation would have been so great as to be a straw, if you know what I mean, and a nation can't have that now can it? Of course the teachers would come back with the question, 'how much do we value our kids our future and our nation'(a guilt trip on us to assuage their-uh- 'greed')?

We are already paying our teachers more than anyone else in the world except maybe Switzerland. So that obviously isn't the answer.

We are at a stage where force doesn't work and money ain't working either so it will take an act of God to straighten this issue out. I suppose he could make it a catastrophe or we could just ask him to fix us. I am all in favor of the latter and so should the rest of you.

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