Thursday, October 06, 2005

Y'all got to get something straight.

God is definitely in control of me on account of I really would like to use some old fashioned blue collar language.

You see I am, and maybe have to always be, blue collar. My dad was blue collar and even more a sailor. He spoke like a sailor. Very colorfully....if you like blue and your ears would definitely turn blue. The air was blue. Even the yellow snow turned blue in my dads presence.

I believe that many things cannot be repaired without the use of a few carefully chosen words, people included. Yes I fix people right up with those special words.

Man the color just comes right out in their cheeks. If you think someone is a little pale some word medicine pinks them right up.

It is such a lovely thing to know that you can help people feel more alive than they did a minute ago. They become downright vigorous. Why some have even challenged me to a race, which I must say to date I haven't lost yet, chuckle.

Well all in all I thought I would cheer things up today.

Y'all have a @#$%%^&*@@#%$% nice day.