Sunday, October 02, 2005

Fixer Uppers

Omni has a post with some advice:When you're getting to know someone, or contemplating doing so, take an objective look at what they say, and ask yourself honestly, "Is this normal, healthy behavior?" If the answer is "no," resist the urge to try to cheer them up, or be their therapist, or, worst of all, invest emotion in them by being their friend; the only thing you can do for people who are screwed up is let them know that they have a problem, make clear what the problem is (or how else can they see it and fix it?) and then back away from them... they'll NEVER try to sort themselves out if they don't hear the truth, or if they keep getting attention from the well-meaning.

She is very right about not trying to fix someone though I personally try to say something positive about the individual to the individual just to let them know that they have something to build on, that is of course if they haven't shown their butt to me in which case I like to get out the sand paper and rub their hind ends with it. I mean after all if they are going to irritate me I might as well do the same for them(the golden rule).

I do not try to say things as nice as Omni-not out of meanness but because I purposely shape my words to be like unto a sword. If a person has a demon it usually gets it mad and out it comes. The only way to set a demon straight is to get it out in the open and hence the need for the sword. Those evil things gotta see it and know that their existence is in jeopardy if they get rude or do something wicked.

Back to the flesh; Of course in reading an article like this a person who professes to be into self improvement such as I must see if it applies to oneself; both in toto or in some parts, but then there is no such thing as the proverbially round peg for that round hole. Some of it does apply to me but like Alanis Morrisette sang, "Some good advice that I just can't take,".

I got to be my self