Sunday, October 30, 2005

I See Da Light

Yes I can see whether they glow or not aaaaand guess which group glows the most. Any Body who at any time in their life believed on Jesus Christ. The closer and more in love they are with Jesus the more they glow. The rest just kind tail of with drug addicts and liars having the darkest souls. That is why I can tell if your a pathological liar or not.

Anywho this comes to us compliments of Omni, Thankyou. Now I can tell people I see the good that they are.

In the November 2005 issue of Discover, I found this little blurb: "A Japanese scientist finds that human hands, foreheads, and the soles of the feet emit detectable light." Are you as stunned as I was? As always, I was very excited to learn something totally new, doubly so in this case because the folks who confidently proclaim that things like psychic phenomena can't possibly exist because science hasn't seen any evidence of them are going to have to accept that if they just now realized that light, which is hardly a new thing in the world of science, comes out of human skin, isn't it reasonable to think that there MIGHT be some energies that they DON'T know about going out of and/or into us that they haven't detected yet?