Monday, October 31, 2005

I am a self centered B-----d

I have found myself unexplainedly explaining myself which leads me to question my voracity lately.
Being on one of those Zen style self examining trips I have discovered somethings about myself which I can summ up as: A straight forward totalitarian Buddhist. A realist who will become a nudist and live in a nudist colony(God help the other nudists), because my life most Resembles One Life to Live and in a final desperate bid for respectability I shall commit a heinous act of counterfeit , but never fear, I rise above it all and become a millionaire dying in my prime with only this final say.


Seriously; I end up with a; sumpin out of a 100%, normal score on this one and a note to find the somebody worse than me in my group to give the test to. Uh???? What group? Here is the rest of this last test e-mailed to me.

Who in your group of friends is the least normal of the bunch? Forward them this email with a link to our quiz and confirm your suspicions.Your friends want to know - Are You Normal? Take our quiz to find out:

As for you: Your Normalcy Quotient is:' ? 'out of 100.What really counts is how your score compares to those of your normal or not so normal group of friends. Don't forget to forward them this email so you can compare results.

You are a Marvelous MaverickGiddy-up partner. You're a maverick and don't know what the definition of normal is. That's a-okay because you're now part of a fascinating group of desperadoes. Theodore Roosevelt earned a great deal of notoriety for his forceful personality and his resignation of office as Assistant Secretary of the Navy to join the 1st U.S. Volunteer Cavalry regiment, also known as the Rough Riders, to fight in the Spanish American War. This maverick went on to be the twenty-fifth and twenty-sixth President of the U.S., took on yellow journalism, and was a noted trust-buster.

Who doesn't remember the lovable Tom Cruise portraying Maverick in the movie Top Gun? He had a heck of a head of hair, but poor Mav can't compare to Hoo Sateow, who owns the record for the longest hair. A native of Chang Mai, Thailand, Hoo's hair measured in at sixteen feet and eleven inches, which only beat out his younger brother Yee by eleven inches. Would it surprise you to know that having a bachelor's degree would make someone a maverick? Only twenty-four percent of people have a bachelor's degree.

And speaking of a maverick in education, Balamurali Ambati is the youngest person to earn a degree to be a physician. Born on July 29, 1977, Ambati graduated the Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York City on May 19, 1995 at the tender age of 17.

Wherever you ride, it's sure to be off the beaten path because it's way more fun to find the path least traveled.

They glamourize the path finder but what they don't know is that the clique wouldn't let me walk the beaten path and the antics I pulled off they thought were humorous were just the freakin pickers in the briars.