Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Ulp-date on Neck Surgery

Well I am coming along. For the most part I have gotten rid of my pneumonia but I still wake up with a little fluid in my Right lung. The muscles around my lower right lobe of the right lung are a little sore from the cramping and coughing but going away.

My neck is and left hip are sore and I still can't get comfortabe in a regular bed so I am sleeping in my recliner which is annoying.

The Doc gave me a soft collar to wear around the house and is a slight improvement over the hard collar which is a major pain in the gluteous. It holds my head at about a 10 degree cant looking up at the ceiling. I hate that and if I am not thinking about it I find mysel fighting it so my lower jaw is a little sore .

I'm bored out of my squash and I have been playing PC games until I'm sick of that also.

I appreciate all the prayers and God has been central to my thoughts continuously throughout this ordeal.

God bless all of you.

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