Friday, May 21, 2004

Rocks versus Grass

No compromise. I will not compromise concerning God's ideals of what we should be accomplishing concernig perfection. Rock. Ever.

Too bad my internet service just cut off cause you people just missed out on a good lecture concerning right from wrong.

The Television show "Extreme Home Makeover" is an excellent example of what I mean by right from wrong and the effort on my part to explain the limitations that this world has in all things.

Jesus says that "all things in moderation". I want you to notice that he does not say some things in moderation but all things. Paul gives us a helpful understanding of what this means when he says that "all things are lawful but not all things are edifying". In other words he could participate in homosexual behavior but because he loved Jesus and consequently the Father, and knew that God did not approve of any homosexual behavior; he would have nothing to do with it.

The ten commandments are sacrosanct. No compromise. The things spelled out in Moses law. No give. And that includes by the way an eye for an eye.

Extreme home makeover is an excellent show because these people when they finish with a job and get to give the home back to the homeowner,with tears of joy in their eye's have found something that they need to understand is a blessing from God. Those tears of joy come out of God's love for them. They have found God's love and consequently need to understand that this is what they were looking for all their lives. Rock!

Jesus gives probably one of the most important insights into our selves when he tells us to obey his commandments and that we "shall know the truth, and the truth shall set us free".

Wait a minute you say. Isn't one of those people on that show a homosexual and aren't the rest lazy ok with promiscuity. Yup! How do you know that, you ask? I am what I am( not to be confused with , I am that I am) Well how can you accept their works over a Christians works?
God loves them and has given them a great gift of giving that supersedes my own sinful desire to be judgmental. Besides the show is not about their bedroom antics and they keep it that way. It is not about them but the giving that they can accomplish. And I would never take away from them the blessing that God gives to them of joy and the healing in their hearts that comes of the welling up of love. No compromise. Rock! Is that salvation? No. Rock!

Salvation comes upon the realization that we do not have access to heaven or to the Father but by the only one who ever lived a perfect life. Jesus. The knowledge that he is God and that only by him do we have the right to access the Father. The Creator. Love. No blessing can be had except it be given of God. Love. Rock!

A blade of grass, that is a person who would compromise this precept would say that everyone is going to heaven. Yeah right. They may get a momentary taste of heaven during their time of judgment. But that will be it. In fact the reason there may be weaping and gnashing of teath outside the gates is because of that momentary taste.

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