Saturday, May 22, 2004

Book Report

The Shiva Option:

My favorite theme these days. Total annihilation. This is a book about mankind faced with the ultimate challenge. A species of life with which there is no communicating, blunders into mankind and inspite of every effort by men to open channels of communication the aliens won't or can't negotiate. Sound familiar? God won't talk with the world so the world thinks-only God is at the door to every mans heart knocking but it turns out that the world won't hear-or is it cannot hear? Hm. Makes me wonder who the aliens are in this book. Mankind as the world knows it or the Aliens. Anyway. At the end of a two book series mankind and mans allies triumph but at a horrendous cost in lives and materiel. Of course the warriors sick of death and mayhem wax philosophic so here is an excerpt from fiction that rings true concerning warriors that are true to themselves and their real cause and purpose in this day and age.

"And when I realized what he was doing and why' I could no longer hate him,mightily though I tried. Oh, how I cherished my hate! It kept me warm, filled me with purpose and the passion of rage, and in the end,the killer of my khanhaku had taken even that from me, for he had reminded me that the true warrior fights not from hate, but from love. Not to destroy, but always and above all to preserve. Do you understand that Raaymmonnd?"

I would like to add that my purpose as a so to speak warrior, is not just to preserve but to restore that which God gave us to begin with. Not just a document; which has unknowingly to the rest of the people in this 6 million square mile plus hunk of realestate known as the United States of America, has been turned into an interesting historical piece, but our way of life and exemplified our very attitude towards living and each other. A government based on a set of ideals that were nearly perfect in their origin but which greedy or intellectual men have reasondly bastdardized into what they think of as utopian in nature and in the meantime basically stepping on the toes of the vast majority of the people in our once great nation.

Because we have not kept the constitution we basically have no rights because there is no one to uphold them defend them then there is no document. No document, no government. No government-then it is only a matter of time until this nation folds up and collapses of it's own weight. I hope it is out with a bang rather than a whimper, I am that angry with the betrayal, but that is neither here nor there. That it will happen is not in question unless I and the few million that feel like me are successful in convincing the people to get up off of their butts and crush any-illegitimate intellectual who thinks that they know the way to utopia . @#$%^%$# they don't. That's a capital @#$%^%$#!

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