Sunday, May 09, 2004

Mr. Toot

I just descided to surf on up to the old home town newspaper and low and behold I found this. Pretty cool huh AL. For a little background Ray Paulson is our 3rd or 4th cousin and was a local pop tv weatherman. I have had a couple of chance meatings with him when I was young on the streets of Superior and he recognized me. He was always a sweetheart of a man. And certainly came from the same stock as our Dad (also named Raymond), tall deep voiced and generally; though I avoided Dad like the plague for fear of somehow offending him and he losing it with consequenses unknown, looked upon my pop as the reighning world champ, Superman, undefeated and all. Ray Paulson carried himself just as well.

Well enough gibberish, here is the quote with the link.

Joining Martin and McKenna is retired television celebrity Ray Paulsen.

Paulsen is remembered by many for his role as a television weatherman and as Bozo the Clown and Mr. Toot in the 1960's. The three have a combined 126 years of experience in broadcasting, lead by Lew Martin who got his start in 1937. All three were on-staff announcers when WDSM-TV signed on the air in 1952.

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