Sunday, May 09, 2004

Foolishness of God is far greater that all the wisdom of man combined throughout the ages

It pleased God to descide to be one of us born in a barn to an unmarried couple live in obscurity for 30 years before he descided to reveal himself. And then chose the uneducated and uninitiated in wisdom and knowledge to be his desciples and then messengers and leaders of the church that is the city of new Jeruselaem For the purpose of reconciling the world unto himself. It pleased God to walk about during this time and make mad all the religious leaders of the world at that time let them set a trap for him and walk into it and let them kill him.

To men utter foolishness

In Gods wisdom he descided not to reveal himself by Mans wisdom and so to man God is unfathomable by reasoning.

Yet if men will put aside their reasoning for the purpose of fathoming God then will it be revealed unto men the Glory of God.

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