Wednesday, March 10, 2004

Yes there is hope.

Surprising New Trend For Spring Break

Want to know where the boys are going on spring break? They're following the girls--and it's not to the beach. The hottest spring break destinations for college students are locales where charity work is being done, such as building houses and distributing medical supplies to disadvantaged folks in the United States and other countries.

That's the word from Purdue University professor Xinran Lehto, who specializes in tourism marketing. Spring break bookings by college students for the traditional warm weather havens are down by as much as 50 percent, reports Wireless Flash. That doesn't surprise Lehto, who says "volunteer tourism" trips are all the rage among the college crowd.

Professor Lehto conducted a survey at Purdue to find out what students planned to do over spring break. The results:
--15 percent will go on a volunteer service vacation.
--15 percent will go on a traditional spring break.
--40 percent will go home to visit Mom and Dad.
--10 percent will stay at school and work.

Apparently 20 percent don't have a clue.

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