Wednesday, March 10, 2004

Justice: where conviction is paramount and justice non-existant
From links at Al's site

Martha Stewart was indicted for lying and obstructing justice. For these offenses to have any meaning, there must be a crime that she lied about and obstructed. The prosecutors presented no such crime. Stewart was indicted and convicted for lying and
obstructing a crime when no crime happened.

Already 95% of felony cases are settled with a coerced plea bargain, because judges and juries routinely fail in their function of protecting defendants from prosecutorial abuse. Time after time, innocent defendants are convicted on fabricated evidence while exculpatory evidence is withheld. Based on the new DNA evidence, a large percentage of convicted murderers and rapists has been found innocent.


Like I have been saying. Because our justice system has failed the United States of America is a name only.

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