Saturday, March 13, 2004

Here's somthing that businessmen would want to know

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Delaware has the second-most business-friendly legal system in America, according to a survey of corporate attorneys conducted by the US Chamber of Commerce.

The survey asked 1,402 senior corporate attorneys nationwide to rank factors such as the treatment of liability and class action suits; punitive damages; judges' impartiality and competence; and jury predictability and fairness.

Nebraska has ranked among the top five states for the past two years.

US Chamber of Commerce President Thomas Donohue says a wide gap between the best and worst states in "legal fairness" shows the need for reform of the legal system at state and federal levels.

Donohue says, "This is a comprehensive problem that needs comprehensive solutions. We need federal legislative reforms for class actions, asbestos litigation and medical malpractice."

The top five states in the study were Delaware, Nebraska, Virginia, Iowa and Idaho.

The bottom five states were California, Louisiana, Alabama, West Virginia and Mississippi.

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