Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Oh Crap! I didn't know this one.

I was always secure in this one thing. That doctors were always smarter than me. But to my severe dread they on average are not. (Did you know the average IQ of a doctor is 116?)You see I have had two minor strokes. One when I was 17 during a football game in which I was given the co-honor of defensive player of the game for.....that's another story; and another one when I was 34. And I still score 133.

The sad thing is that now that I know this I am curious as to what it was when I was younger. And WF could I have been. F--k all you people who called me dumb and had me believin it. No I take that back. I will not
F--k you people-that might give you pleasure. Crap! That is another story too.

Back to the story. Crap.

Monday, November 07, 2005

Another note to customers in the heating and air business.

We who are in this busy-ness are not reimbursed by the manufactures for labor when we do warranty work. Therefore since we did not get into the busy-ness to go broke we can not provide the labor for warranty repair for free. Any labor warranty that my employer gives is out of the goodness of his heart and believe me he has a blessed heart and only wants to give as much as he can afford (one year).

Any problems with that I suppose I could call the waaaaambulance. MWHA!

Oh lookee here

Way to go OMNI for this.

"To the pure, all things are pure; but to those who are defiled and unbelieving, nothing is pure; but both their mind and their conscience are defiled."He also paraphrased it as, "We don't see others as they are, but as WE are"... and it's a wonderful example of how there are some piercing insights in the Bible whether you believe in God or not, which makes it well worth a little study.

I want to add that 'I figure that in the, 'do unto others vernacular', that people do what they want other people to do to them. So when they lie cheat and steal that is what they want people to do to them. So what are they getting all bent out of shape for when people lie cheat and steal from them. I mean what did they expect.

Pro - Life

I have run into a little slow down in my blogging drive, maybe it is because I haven't found to much to screamin eagle on so I have been holic-ing on a couple of PC games here lately.

I was going to do an article defending the Presidents policy of not asking Scotus nominees their stance on such devisive subjects as 'abortion' and the 'marriage is between a man and a woman only' stuff but I found this item for anti abortion people that many may not know about.

As for the reason the President is not asking. There are probably two main purposes. One of which is a tactic to blunt the Dummo-crats anti-Christian agenda, and the lessor is to remain objective in his choice. He get's to say in public "I don't know". to which the media can only say "he doesn't know". Which get's a whispering quiet belly waving chuckle from me. So the ultra right wing( you know the ones who are treading on the edge of the road about to stumble into the ditch)needs to KNOCK IT OFF!

But. Instead I will post this small blurb and comment.

From American Family Radio(link on side bar),this teen was given the go ahead to wear his pro-Life tee shirts.

(AgapePress) - A Georgia high school has decided against censoring a student's pro-life expression on his clothing.
Senior Brian Ramirez was recently forced to serve an in-school suspension for wearing sweatshirts with messages such as "Abortion is homicide" and "She is a child, not a choice." The student also was penalized with a zero grade for each day's lab missed while in suspension, and informed that for each day he continued to wear clothing bearing a pro-life message he would remain on suspension.

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Muslim connections Blind coorporations and more

And how come the Press isn't asking. Hm. Maybe because the press is connected with this too. How's that for paranoid conspiracy.

Check this out. Linked via Confederate Yankee.

Alamoudi you might remember is the dirt bag who banks “with Al Qeada”. Interestingly enough Alamoudi is also linked with Al Gore’s ‘96 campaigns, and his company Occidental Petroleum, and as I’ve said Gore and Wilson go back a ways and through similiar venues.


City of Peace.